Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Open Door Policy

I have always had an open door policy in my home.   When my oldest son had girls or friends over the rule was your door stays open.    I have slept for years with my door open so I could hear if my babies needed me.  Or if there was a killer breaking in downstairs.  Or a stalker creeping up the stairs.  Hey, like the hubs would ever hear any of that?  Yeah right.   My boys always slept with their doors open.   I am even known to leave bathroom doors open.   C'mon I just had to pee and no one was around. Or I'm a multi-tasker and if someone walks by the bathroom there is always something I need to tell them.   Shutting the doors are just a waste of time to me.  Now the hubs on one hand has never ever ever ever left a bathroom door open.  Do you understand?  Never.   He locks that bathroom door up tighter than Fort Knox.   Seriously?  Does he think we want to go hang with him in there????   

Apparently, lately I've been a little too free in the open door issue.  It never fails when I'm dressing or undressing someone walks past my door.   No one is ever moving in the house but it's like a magnet when I just want to change.   So now I'm the weirdo.   All I hear lately is "Jeez, Mom  put on some pants"or  "shut the door"!   Even my husband still after all these years acts startled when he walks in and I'm pant less.    Holy %^&$   It's my home,  If I can't see the neighbors they can't see me is my motto.   I mean I usually have on a big tshirt or something.   I'm just not a fan of pants or shoes.  Come to think of it it actually might be hereditary.   When I bop over to my parents house it's always customary for us to  open the door and holler "Daddy!  You got pants on?"  Hmmmmmmmm.  My guys are worried that I'll get some kind of reputation as I get older.  Instead of the crazy cat lady that every neighborhood has I'll be the crazy pant less lady. 

And as for my open door policy I am changing my tune.   It only took once recently  of  me bee bopping into one of the teenage boys rooms (names are protected, unless they need a little blackmail)  to change my mind and insist doors can be closed if you would like some privacy.   I try to be open in the "it's your own body yadda yadda yadda"  But, after that little show I took a xanax and curled up in my bed while texting my BFF.   My cleaning supplies that week included BBQ tongs........

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Geeky Self

What a fabulous Tuesday!   Overcast and gray.  Perfect for staying in the jammies getting those little lists that mean so little to everyone else but can make your day if you get them done. 

Well,  that was me today.   I have been meaning to sync my IPhone  with my ITunes library. Did it!  I  made ring tones and actually put my music in some kind of order. So no more Sex on Fire mixing with New Direction .   Makes for an awkward drive to school with Mom slapping at buttons on phone to get it to stop..  Or actually more awkward considering Mom is in jammies with no shoes or glasses.   I tell the boys to just cross their fingers that I don't get into a wreck or pulled over until they are dropped off.   Especially this morning when they almost wouldn't get in the car because I had my favorite Tinkerbell toboggan on my head.....Hey! it was cold out.

I read blogs today that  I've been meaning to get to.   Pulled up articles that I have jotted down on scraps of paper.  All in all a stupendous day.   Texted, emailed, twittered with people I've been meaning to.   And I finally mastered the twitter part.  Downloaded tons of books from Amazon.   Updated my Pinterest.    Forget housework.   Newer technology has taken front seat to everyday chores.    But, how mainstream and geeky does that make me?   Maybe I should go  back old school.   A day like today with a smoking hot paperback book.   No thanks!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

It's Monday and I have been saying I'm going to see the new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn for a week!  I also am dying to see Skyfall.  And if anyone tells me any tidbits about them before I go I will kill them.  My problem ( and I can already see where people might not see this as a ) is my one of my many part time jobs gets in the way.  (Hubs says some of my part time work is not truly a job if I don't get paid. Whatever.)   I am a substitute teacher for our local middle/high school.  I have no problem turning down sub jobs when the auto line calls me. Um, is my ringer on my cell still off?  Oopsie.   Yes, I'm that bad.   But,  when someone asks me face to face say at the grocery or church or somewhere else public  I freeze and say "sure!  I'd love to"!!!  Well, with all the nasty fall virus's going around and teachers trekking off to fabulous vacations during the school year (wtf?) I've been staying pretty busy. 

I went back to college a couple of years ago to get my teaching degree and realized after student teaching not every one's children are as witty and charming as my guys.  (gasp, I know!?)  So I took another break from my career as professional college student and stumbled upon substitute teaching.  Can I just say LUV IT.   Dr. appt on Monday? no problem.  sick child home? no problem   Wanna stay in my jammies reading? no problem.  Want to see the latest movies during school by myself?  USUALLY no problem. 

So, I've decided this is my week.  After telling 4 year olds (another sub job) who were trying to learn the concept of kick ball to stop licking their balls, touching their friends balls, no, you can only have one ball, please leave your friends ball alone, do not hold your balls, that's why it is called kickball.... (actually quite hysterical when it was pointed out what I was saying!)  I'm taking the rest of the week off for me time.  

Oh, and if you have kids that don't live at home and don't call as often as  you would like  just start a blog. I was informed yesterday by baby boy#1 that my information about his guitars and equip were incorrect on my blog.(how sweet that he reads it)  So to him I say I'm sorry.  And see, they will get in touch with you asap if they think you are wrong just like they did when  they lived at home!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mommy Blackmail

Still working on my new blog name.   It's rather hard to come up with a name that represents who you are AND what your blog is about in just a name.    My boyos came up with the last one and now when asked they say " we don't care"  What nice young men.  Don't worry though I have my ways to get back. I have pictures of embarrassment from way back and current too.  I call them Mommy Blackmail.

  I found out today that baby boy #1 in Navy is selling his guitars and equipment on Craigslist. (He gets to come home in January for 3 weeks!!)  (Guess that garage band thing just didn't work out lol)  I used to sit in the tub while he was "jamming" in the basement and my water would be sloshing out the side of the tub.  Good times.  Not.   Ironically, I think I bought him half of the equipment he is selling.   So I FB him and asked if I got a deal because of that reason for his younger brothers who are now asking for the same crap.  Still waiting on reply.........   See old post "Eating Your Young"

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Hangover

Amazing what a three day bender of turkey, shopping and relatives can equal  the worst hangover ever.  I needed a couple of adult beverages to just make it feel normal.   I must say without one snarky spat at my parents house with so many females it was rather vanilla......We must be getting old.  Or actually I like to sit back and watch. I've done my duty as bitch divine for a number of years and have let the younger ones take over as my holiday entertainment.  

By Friday night our final ritual came to an end.  Eating at the hubs fav Mexican restaurant (he loves they know his name.  I point out that's not really a great thing....) and buying the real tree.   

When my boys were all little and we would pick out a tree and I would say when the perfect tree was held up I could hear it singing to me.   They tried so hard to hear it singing.  They have even gone as far as saying "I think I hear it Mommy!"  So last night one of the boys (teenagers now)was holding up a tree and I glanced up and all 3 guys were staring at me.  What?  They said well?  Is it singing Mom?   Bless their heart.   The perfect tree.  

What's In A Name

It has been brought to my attention that my blog "Teresa's Tidbits" name is already in use by some kind of soccer Mom.. (which I have been once upon a time in my life but not anymore so I can make fun) Thanks to baby boy #1 in Guam for pointing that out.  When he googles my blog it brings up someone Else's blog circa 2009. With only 1 post.  Swell.   Also, it's been brought to my attention that a Miss Nebraska from some year has the same name blog.  Hmph.  So, even thought my 2 youngest boys named my blog it looks like I'll be changing soon.      Which I hope isn't a pain.  But, I'm sure in some way it will be.  That's ok , cause I've had a few peeps mention my current blog name  sounds like I might be giving recipes or DIY tips....... Me?   Not Now.  Not Ever.

So my little brain can't think of something fabulous that's not already taken.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated because the one's that pop up instantly in my mind are horribly inappropriate or offensive.....Gah

Goddess Divine? (From Pride & Prejudice)
Unfiltered Witch?
She's Come Undone?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Black Friday Love

Oh Joy! Yay! as I skip down my driveway (which slopes at a 90 degree angle so skipping is a tad exaggerated)   The biggest newspaper of the year is here!!   The Black Friday Ads!!   Now I enjoy my newspaper everyday. I am a newspaper ho.  If I don't hear my newspaper carrier come barreling down my street in his souped up Suburban (Seriously, it's got to get like what? 3 mpg? Surely that's not cost effective for a paper route) by 6:05 am I am pissed.   I have even to be known to stand at the end of my driveway in my sleepwear of choice glaring at him as he finally drives by.  Our local paper is ok.  It actually combined our two previous papers a number of years ago which made it a little better.  But, I feel I have to read it cover to cover with my coffee or I am out of the know.  And I have two favorite columnists that I have to catch.  Mark Kennedy & David Cook.  I am their stalker.

Ok Ok back to topic.  As I look around me my paper frenzy evident around me.  Good Black Friday Ads on table.  Bad ones on the floor.    I have to get my plan in order because my sister-in-laws & peeps will have theirs by the time we get to my parents for Thanksgiving.  Which by the way my Mom wants to have it later in the evening by candlelight.......Seriously???  C'mon Mom we will be starving by then.  Then you have to figure out who's hooking up ( in the shopping way not the sexy way) with whom tonight or early am.   We always have great stories to tell from past shopping trips.  Like the time one of my sister-in-laws was fighting over something and called a woman a douche bag.  Nice.  Or the time last year after waiting for a long time at Target we had to pee behind a dumpster.     Ahhhh Good Times.

And less you think I have truly lost the meaning of Thanksgiving I have not.   My Thanksgiving is not just one day.  It is most days of my life with my boys and family and knowing my baby boy #1 is safe in Guam. And of course,  my immense joy of life and everyday things.  For that I am thankful. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MMmmm The Smell of Holiday Burning, I Mean Baking

While I'm trying to figure out a fabulous new name for le blog I realized it was time to dust off the mixing bowls!  And yes, I mean dust off.  For those who don't know me or have not read any of my ramblings I am a horrid cook.  Horrid.  Your not getting it.  My family won't let me cook more than my 5 basic dishes.   My whole family.  I have been to cooking classes.  I have wonderful  cookbooks my darling Aunt and Mother have given me.  My parents even gave me a pink mixer thinking it might help.  But alas, nothing has worked.  I was born lacking the cooking gene.  I can't even get a meal plan together.  And I come from a line of phenomenal cooks.  My Mother can find 3 things in my pantry and whip up a dinner for 10. 

But at holiday time they all cut me some slack and let me bake a few treats for Thanksgiving and Christmas!   I think I'm getting better.  I always buy 2 of everything I need because I will always inadvertently screw up the first batch. 
I just finished  my first round of gingerbread men. And women.  I like things equal.  I must say I think this year is my best.  Only a few arms and legs fell off and the smoke detector did not go off once!!!   They look more like poltergeist but I'm ok with that. 

I'm still not allowed to bake pies.  I mean just because one year you could have used a straw for my pies your blackballed from pie making for life.  That's ok.  My 14 year old son makes the pies since he was 10 and they are way better than any of mine. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Secret Love of Tattoo's

My secret love of tattoo's (well, not so secret after this post) began years ago.  When I was a teenager I would secretly peek at anyone having a tattoo and try and analyze them.  Were they bikers?  Druggies? Bad people?   Hey, I was brought up in the south (for the most part) and brought up to stereotype people that way. My parents were already worried about my Pat Benetar fetish....  When I got to my 20's I didn't care who had them I just knew I wanted one.  Bad.  Then between marriage and babies the thought got tucked away into the want but not practical file.  Plus,  I wanted to be smart and get something I knew I would never get tired of.  Finally, for a major milestone birthday (and no, I'm not saying which one) hubs took me to get my first tattoo.
It was funny because we had to find a reputable tattoo artist who was open before the school bus dropped off our boyos.  (harder than you think!)

I have tried off and on over the years to convince hubs to get a tattoo.  He could care less.  He would get one if I pressed the issue but his attitude is why?  Him along with many others don't see the fascination in expressing with ink.  And that's cool. 

I am all about your body is your own.  Do what you want.  Always have been.  I'm not a fan of full body tattoo's or sleeves. That's just me.  But, I have always loved it when you could see a tiny hint of a tattoo on someone under their shirt sleeve or pants.  I'm not talking tramp stamp.  But, someone who has a tattoo and knows it's there but doesn't feel the need to display it 24/7.   It makes me crazy trying to guess what it is without knowing them.  I'm always dying to know if it is something meaningful to them or just your typical I was drunk shamrock, dolphin, or something with flames.... It's like a fun guessing game.

I already know what I want for tattoo #2.    And I think #3 will be my magic number as far as tattoo's go.   

It's funny to me how many of my bestie GF's who are not nearly as surly, salty and vocal as me have tattoo's and no one would have any idea.    One of my besties won't go to the tattoo place with me here local because she is scared someone might see her and  her 80+ yr. parents might find out!(that bible belt still needs to be loosened up around here!)  lol 

Looks like I'll be getting ink'd soon.  Can't wait.  :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Favorite Funnies

Since I'm behind on my 30 days of blogging I thought I would post a few of my favorite funnies. 

Must Entire Families Grocery Shop Together??

Did I miss something in the marriage manual that was handed out??  Where in the world does it say that entire families must grocery shop together on Saturdays???   Hey, I adore my husband as much as the next gal blah, blah,blah but never in our entire marriage have either of us ever wanted to go grocery shopping together.  This morning after a delicious yoga session (read: brutal) I was all zen like and forgot I needed just a couple of things at ye old grocery.   Beer  was at the top of my list because I accidentally got lager last time.  (and yes I admit I'm more of a beer gal) Sat down to watch my dvr shows last night and could only drink half of the carbonated mud in my glass.  (shudder)

Anywhoo,  stopped at my local grocery and it was packed.  Entire families with Mom & Dad holding their Starbucks cups nonchalantly strolling up and down aisles with those freaking gigantic buggies that look like cars so your kiddies can be entertained.  I really think those things should be used only on weekday mornings.....  And everyone was acting like it was their entertainment for the week.  Stopping every 3 feet to oooohhh and ahhhhh over spaghetti sauce.  The deli was lined up and you had to take a number.   Wtf.  It's not the Grand Canyon folks. It's a freaking grocery store.  Get your %&^!@# and move on.  Don't you folks want to get home and do nothing there??   I needed 3 things.  

Now I understand if your a working family and the only time you can go is at 11 am on Saturday morning(I really don't)  to get 7 kinds of meat (6 slices each) at the deli and make sure to sample each one (yes, true story )  but must you take your family of 5??  I was dodging buggies like well, dodging buggies.

Back to my question.  Why do these families need to go all together??  Am I the minority in thinking I'd rather do something more fun when the fam is all together?   Are these Moms afraid to go alone??  Are these couples so enamored of each other they can't be apart long enough to get bread?  Does it take more than one person to figure out what's for dinner??    

Maybe it's because I I hate going grocery shopping.  I loathe it. I want to get it over with with the utmost speed.   And I especially don't want to be slowed down with my crew dogging my every step and rolling over my heels with the buggy. 

I got hot wings and beer.    That's what's for dinner.

Japanese Food and Pepto

Agh,  I'm two posts behind in my quest to blog every day in November.  I'll just have to double up some days I guess.  Hmph.

   Last night the fam and I went out to din (the hubs off on a Friday night?? gasp) and do a little window shopping  We haven't done this in ages due to the fact that someone always works on weekends,  nobody can decide where to eat, then someones doesn't want to go, then an argument starts and well, you get the picture.  Japanese was our choice.  Yum!  Only a little grumbling from one of the boys (he says ethnic food hates him while he's popping his pre-dinner pepto.  poor fella)  Good conversation, good company and my family together. (well, except for baby #1 in Guam.  Le Sigh)  It was wonderful.  It has been ages since we have done this.  I hope this is the beginning of our holiday season (wishful thinking)  Even had a little fro-yo on our way home.  We had to explain to hubs what fro-yo was.  bah!  Poor guy.

The only thing that could have made it perfect was if all my darlings would have taken me to see Breaking Dawn, the latest in the Twilight series.   3 guys simultaneously said NO.   C'mon!!!  I love paranormal  books and movies.  Throw in some vampires and romance and I'm a goner.  That's ok.  I'll just hit the matinee Monday while everyone is at school and work. So there. 

It's amazing how quickly we get into a rut.  Or a boring routine.  Just by getting out I feel back in touch with my family.  I'm sure it will be back to normal today but at the time it was a balm to my soul.  (deep, huh??!)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Age Appropriate Guidelines

Stayed home with pink eye baby #3 today.   After a couple of hours of watching him play Black Ops 10 or kill everyone in sight as I like to call it.  I was about to pull the plug on the old PlayStation.   Seriously saw someone I know getting this game for their 7 year old.  7 year old.   C'mon people there are age guidelines for reasons.  I may be  a little liberal to some but c'mon even I follow age appropriate guidelines for movies and games.  Well, to an extent obviously.  I waited for a number of years of being heard I was the lamest Mom and everyone else had it.  Where in this case they really did.  I hung on until they were 13 & 14.  I figured if they watch CSI with me every week.....well.  I just caved.  But crap, I only let them play it for a couple of hours.   So to them I'm still the lamest Mom ever.  Good.  It means I'm doing this Mom thing right.

Anywhoo,  so I had a routine Dr. appt. today.  Nothing like finding out you have a fever and are sick.  Jeez,  I just thought I felt crummy because that's what we do when get older.  Feel crummy.   So back home I go with 4 prescriptions. ( I seriously need to get in good with my pharmacist or maybe give him some banana bread to defray my prescription costs... If he just didn't have that comb over.....) And a warning I'm contagious.   Swell.  Tonight was Bunco night. ( which as you all know I'm becoming quite the fan) So instead of drinking bad wine with my peeps and laughing til we pee,  I mean not pee, just leak, ugh not leak. never mind we just laugh.  I'm stuck at home playing with my Christmas crap and popping meds.   Hey,  actually it's pretty nice. All the pretty colors......  Probably shouldn't blog if I'm not supposed to drive heavy machinery.   Who does drive heavy machinery??  Nobody I know.  

And forgive me for all my Pinterest funnies. I just can't stop.  Who knew I would find crude humor so entertaining!    Bahahahahha

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Love My Job

I should have been a nurse.  I truly wish that in my earlier years that is what I had chosen for my profession.   Instead of my current profession as professional college student, volunteer for too many organizations, flunky for my family, and current substitute teacher.    And I'm sure it would have paid a lot more!   Well, hindsight and all that.  My boys are rarely sick now so my nursing skills are getting rusty.  In fact, I've been told I am babying the dog way too much in place of sick children.   Now let me clarify,  I don't want to take care of other peoples sick children.  Just mine.    There's that strange line between other kids and mine.  Like when you have had to change some other child's diaper and start gagging and whatnot.  But, if it's your own you can change him while holding the phone talking to your Mom and sipping on a diet Coke.

Back on track.  Got a call from the school nurse today.  Baby boy #3 has pink eye.  I am so good at this I was out the door with a hoodie and ballcap on (was in jammies) in the car and at the school in 3.5 minutes.  Yes.  I time myself.   Tires squealing pull up to the school, run to the nurse's office, assessed the situation and had #3 in car while calling Drs. office on the way.   And yes I know it was just pink eye.  But, c'mon I needed the thrill.  All my boys have had it but I don't feel better until we have those special drops in hand.

Once back home, I had the "special sick pallet" made up on the couch.  The Spongebob Squarepants special lap tray loaded with saltines and soda (complete with straw)  Baby boy #3 just looked at me like I was a moron but smartly didn't say a word.  Must have been the hot new game I rented for him at Red Box while waiting on script. Dr. says he has to  stay home tomorrow so I'm already planning the menu. Chicken soup with stars, goldfish and sprite.   Ok, so he's not that kind of sick  but I sure do love my job :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

30 Days of Blogging is Hard

Ok,  this 30 days of blogging is some days harder than I thought!!  Most days I have plenty to blab on about.  But, today I have nothing.  Nada.  Seriously?  

Well, I could talk about how I spent an hour on the phone with Apple just to discover just as I thought my sons phone is DOA.   An hour.  Wasted.   Then I could talk about my angels.  One of my favorite topics.   It amazes me how 2 boys who are 13 months apart can be so unbelievably different.    I have one that I have to force feed.  He seriously would not eat if I did not put something in front of him and say "eat".  On the other hand the other angel is worried that after 13 years of not letting him starve to death I will forget one meal.  He is constantly asking what's for breakfast, lunch, dinner? and "what time are we eating", "what are we having".   There have even been a few times on Saturdays where I just let things slide and about 2:00 in the afternoon he comes looking for me all frantic saying "you forgot our lunch"!!!    My least favorite thing to do in the entire world is cook and/or plan meals.  I'm horrible at it.  Really.  I have tried but to no avail.   I try to be awesome in all other areas.  I really thought by now that teenagers would have that ability to raid the pantry and frig.  You know, like the one's on commercials.  Or even not tolerate my cooking talents (bah!) another moment and start to cook for me.  Nope.

Hmmmm, what do you know.  I did have something to blab about!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Rainy Monday

Nothing suits me better than a rainy Monday.   Usually since our weekends are hectic and we both work one or both of those days I try to take Monday off to get back in gear for the week.  Organize, clean, etc.   Except today.  It is a rainy Monday.  Bonus.  Rainy Mondays (I mean all day rain) are rather rare.  So, when one comes along I do one of two things.   Either I go shopping and wear my favorite pink rain boots and splash puddles like a 2 year old.  I may look like a moron but trust me it is liberating.  Number two choice is nothing.   I stay in my Jammie's.  Do the absolute basics as far as cleaning.  Pile up in my comfy bed with the remote, my sweet doggy Sugar and my evil cat Jynxi.   With my constant companion Kindle next to me my day is golden.  I raise the window so I can hear the rain.  Perfect. 

Today I chose #2   :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank You Veterans, current military and Moms

This will be short.   I have always been a supporter for our veterans and current military.  I would not be here today if it was not for them fighting for our country.   I also have to thank my son Cory.   He is a Navy Sailor and is over 7000 miles away.  I have not seen his sweet face in a year and a half.   Half of me is so proud of him.  The other half doesn't go a week without crying for him.
So thank you veterans and current military from the bottom of my heart.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Epic Naps

Our Saturdays used to be filled to the brim with sports practices/games, birthday parties, friends, driving and more driving, etc...   But, somehow that has tapered off since the boys have gotten older. 

 It was with great relish that I found my self with nothing to do today.  On a Saturday.  Nothing.  Nada. Zilch.    Well, a fund raiser thingie tonight but still the whole day free!  I started with dropping off the recyclables. (overdue by weeks, ugh)  a Saturday morning yoga class that I have been wanting to take like forever.    Brutal.  But rewarding.   Then I came home and took what I would consider an epic nap.   Curled up for a little cat nap and it turns into deep coma sleep.  The kind where you try so hard to wake up and can't. The kind where you don't drool just a little.  Your whole face and pillow are wet.  And finally when you do wake up you have to focus on the clock because you have no idea if it is the middle of the night now or even the next day.   I got up wondering if the world had stopped.  Surely someone would have checked on me if I had been asleep for 2 days.  I go find the boys.  Their still in undies playing games.   Whew.  Will have to definitely do this again.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Night Lights

So I dropped my teenage sons off at a football game.   I dropped my teenage sons off at a football game??   That sounds so bizarre.  When did they get old enough to be "dropped off"?   Their high school is in a playoff thing and it was the last home game.  I always go but after it drops below say 55 degrees I watch the introduction with the dry ice fog stuff and the band then I'm outta there.  So this time I dropped them off.  The 2 minute drive home all I thought about was how could I drop them off alone? Alone with maybe 4000 people.  And I txt'd my pals who were there to keep an eye out.  Hubs is meeting them after he gets off work.  So, why am I so blue about this?

Because,  after getting into my Christmas crap a tad early and seeing all the homemade ornaments with little hand prints I am feeling a little sad about my sweet babies growing up.   Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ok enough.   They aren't so sweet anymore.  They are smelly, sarcastic teenagers who need me to let go of my tightly clenched hand.  They will have a ball and come home regaling me with everyone I missed and who did what etc.  And look at it this way.  I have the DVR to myself and I don't have to hide my adult beverage in a plastic Navy cup.  But realizing it's time to let go  even a little still sucks :(

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweet Sounds of Holidays

So everyone knows Halloween is my fav holiday.    Now boom!  We are in Thanksgiving mode and this year I am sooooo not into that.   I usually do the bales of (I learned the difference between straw and hay on a technically "straw" ride this fall for kiddies from Farmer Ted (not his real name) .    Moving on.  No cute bales of straw with mums spilling out all over them.   I put up one scarecrow I named Pat (see SNL)  and a fall wreath, oh and the leftover Halloween pumpkin I forgot to carve. 

I'm not going through the expense and time putting up fall or autumn (for our northern friends) decor for basically 2 weeks.   And yes, that is when Christmas starts coming to my house.   I go do the Black Friday shoppingpalooza the night of Thanksgiving  then meet the hubs for holiday cocktails for lunch then pick up the boyos to get our tree.  Then I will commence to pass out by 4pm. (due to the all night shopping, not the drinking......snicker)

In fact, my boys and hubs actually pulled all my holiday bins into the garage from storage.  Early.  I was impressed.  Usually there are threats involved to get my holiday crap out.  So, yesterday I was thinking that hmmmmm I got some clearance stuff after Christmas last year.  But, I can't remember what I got.   It's like a present to me!!   I started with just one bin.   No new stuff in there but, hey since the nutcracker goes there and this garland goes over fireplace I just started putting everything where it went.  By the time hubs got home I had 1/4 of Christmas crap hung,out,displayed.....Yikes.  He's kinda funny about me putting anything out before Thanksgiving.  In fact, I think his exact words were "What the *&^%$#*.
Ahhh, the sweet sounds of holidays :)


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am sorry for your loss but.........

I wasn't going to post about the election or should I say winner?   But,  on FB this morning there were a lot (a lot)  of bitter, bitter, snarky borderline scary comments.   It was almost frightening to me that my "friends"  have so much anger and hatred over this election.  To those I say  I am sorry for your loss but, it is over.  There was an election.  This didn't happen over night.   We spent months using our American rights and the lawful way to come to this decision.  

I am proud my boys had mock elections in school and they are being taught how the system works (at public school no less!! whoop whoop!) and learned the insides and outs of how a presidential election works.  I am proud that all 3 of my boys (well, one this spring)  have or will be going to Washington DC to see first hand how our country comes to it's decisions.   (I only had School House Rock on Saturday mornings to teach me this stuff!) I am proud that they had their own ideas about who should win and their theories behind it.    I could go more into detail but I won't.  Politics is not my thing and I don't want anyone hurling tomato's at me.

I voted. There was a winner.  Stand behind them as Americans should regardless if it wasn't their first choice.  Or second, or maybe even third.... 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just Vote Already

No political bashing here.  It is every Americans right to vote.  I don't care who you vote for.  Just vote.   Plus, my fav shows will not be cancelled anymore due to debates.......
This is my BFF's and my fav pre-vote lunch.....

Monday, November 5, 2012

Yummy Yoga

Plop, plop, splat......No, it's not raining.   It was my sweat hitting my yoga mat.  ewwwww.   I'm back in a hot fusion yoga class after 6 months.   Why, oh why did I quit??   I've been taking some regular Yin classes but dropped out of the hot, yummy, 90 degree room class.   I think it was just too hot this summer to deal with it.  Or I was just too lazy.   Anyhoo, I'm back and talk about relaxed... The room is heated to 90+ degrees and you feel like butter.  Your poses are deeper, your yin and yang entwine,  your mind is centered. (read: blank)  Lovely.   I hope this feeling lasts til tomorrow. If you have never tried it give it a chance.  I don't think you will be disappointed.  There are so many classes to choose from and you don't have to try hot fusion or Bikram if the heat bothers you.  And there are plenty of gentle classes.    For all you yogis out there

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Time Change

I luv luv luv the fall time change!!   I get so giddy looking at the clock when I wake up and (since I haven't changed it) seeing it's 7am  and realizing it's really 6am!!!!   Apparently it's the little things that make me happy :)   So, now instead of rushing around and getting ready to be at church (yes, I do go to church) at 8 I am drinking the lovely coffee my hubs made for me and reading the paper.  Oh, and blogging.   Gotta love it!! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Christmas Crap

So I must have been feeling salty yesterday.   The term Christmas crap may have been a little harsh and hasty.   I believe in the meaning of Christmas but not all of the "have to" stuff that goes with it.   The kids that have to  have the new IPad Mini, IPhone10, etc.   My kids not excluded.   I was out shopping with the precious angels today.  Yup, my boys wanted to go.  After 2 hours of fighting the crowds at the mall and realizing Momma wasn't going to buy them something the fun wore off.   I actually thought it was a good idea so I could get ideas on things they might want for Christmas.  Nobody pointed out socks or pajamas.  What was I thinking.   But, at one place I found myself alone in the Christmas section with soft carols  (not the Justin Bieber version I was forced to listen to in one store.  I wanted to poke my eye out)    But the sweet choir type versions.  The decorations were sparkly and very little was red and green.  I actually got rather mushy and wanted to go straight home and start putting decorations up.   

Now I take back my Christmas crap comment and upgraded it to Christmas maybe.  :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Adrogynous Scarecrows and Red Boots

Well, my favorite holiday is over.  Le sigh.   Down came the spooky decor and up went the androgynous scarecrows and bales of hay.  Snore.   The thrill of being scared is gone.  The ability to transform yourself temporarily into whatever you want is caput.  That chilly shiver up your spine is history.  Maudlin I know.  lol.  

Enough of that.  In 3 weeks I'll be putting up the Christmas crap.  (yes, that's what I call it)   It doesn't match anything but you feel the need to drape everything in tinsel.  While it can get festive It just makes me want it to be over.

Enough of that.   This month is blogging month at Blogher.  The goal is to blog every day for the month of November.  I can do that. (except I'm already a day behind)   AND  work all month on a novel and see what you have at the end of the month.   Seriously??  I am too busy reading novels to write one.  Plus, I don't want to know the ending!!

On the upside I got some smoking red boots today!!   I mean, who doesn't need a pair of red boots?  Right?