Saturday, November 17, 2012

Must Entire Families Grocery Shop Together??

Did I miss something in the marriage manual that was handed out??  Where in the world does it say that entire families must grocery shop together on Saturdays???   Hey, I adore my husband as much as the next gal blah, blah,blah but never in our entire marriage have either of us ever wanted to go grocery shopping together.  This morning after a delicious yoga session (read: brutal) I was all zen like and forgot I needed just a couple of things at ye old grocery.   Beer  was at the top of my list because I accidentally got lager last time.  (and yes I admit I'm more of a beer gal) Sat down to watch my dvr shows last night and could only drink half of the carbonated mud in my glass.  (shudder)

Anywhoo,  stopped at my local grocery and it was packed.  Entire families with Mom & Dad holding their Starbucks cups nonchalantly strolling up and down aisles with those freaking gigantic buggies that look like cars so your kiddies can be entertained.  I really think those things should be used only on weekday mornings.....  And everyone was acting like it was their entertainment for the week.  Stopping every 3 feet to oooohhh and ahhhhh over spaghetti sauce.  The deli was lined up and you had to take a number.   Wtf.  It's not the Grand Canyon folks. It's a freaking grocery store.  Get your %&^!@# and move on.  Don't you folks want to get home and do nothing there??   I needed 3 things.  

Now I understand if your a working family and the only time you can go is at 11 am on Saturday morning(I really don't)  to get 7 kinds of meat (6 slices each) at the deli and make sure to sample each one (yes, true story )  but must you take your family of 5??  I was dodging buggies like well, dodging buggies.

Back to my question.  Why do these families need to go all together??  Am I the minority in thinking I'd rather do something more fun when the fam is all together?   Are these Moms afraid to go alone??  Are these couples so enamored of each other they can't be apart long enough to get bread?  Does it take more than one person to figure out what's for dinner??    

Maybe it's because I I hate going grocery shopping.  I loathe it. I want to get it over with with the utmost speed.   And I especially don't want to be slowed down with my crew dogging my every step and rolling over my heels with the buggy. 

I got hot wings and beer.    That's what's for dinner.

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