Friday, June 12, 2015

Giant Toddlers Driving Pt. 2

After the stress and drama of getting baby boy #2's drivers licence I thought  that things would settle down and I'd have a relaxing summer slacking off and lounging on my deck pretending I was someone else.  I forgot.  Thinking + Me =Stupid.

Nope.  After the licence comes the nagging and begging to drive your car. Anywhere.  Need milk?  Need a ride? In your own car??   

I get it.  I was the same way.  I took my little brothers to their friends houses just so I could drive.

The thing is that I hate hate hate anyone driving my car.  I always have love affairs with my cars and baby them.  I wash them. Wax them. Talk to them. Sing alone in them. Talk to myself in them. Cuss at other drivers in them.  You get it.

What I don't like is getting in my car and adjusting mirrors and seats and radio stations.  I like my feet to reach the petals every single effing time I get in. What the hell is that scratch on the bumper????!!!!!!

So, this started the great car hunt of 2015.   Even my husband got involved.  That's kind of a biggie.  Cars are sooo not his thing.  We searched our hearts out. We went to parts of town that I have never been in.  (and hopefully never will be again)  I have talked to shysters, Billy Bobs and down right dumb asses about their cars. My husband started off strong then bailed. He just couldn't handle all the crap we looked at. 

So, it was up to baby boy and I.  During these last few
weeks he saw people that rather scared him. He's not used to seeing people without teeth...... Areas of town that he wouldn't even get out the car.(I kid you not) He cringed at his Mom's FBI type questioning of each vehicle seen.  But he hung in there.
  I thought we could find something used, dependable, and in our price range (cheap, cheap cheap) within a week.  WRONG

It has taken a couple of months but we found a used car that fit our criteria.  
But, since it fits our criteria it is going to be a project this summer.   Think grafitti written on what's left of the headliner and gunk on the windows from being under a tree for a year kind of a project. 

I thought it would be fun.  Bonding and what not.   

Today is day #3.  I have shown boys how to put on windshield wipers. Check oil and pump gas.  I have explained how to keep up with maintenance.  I have answered 4 phone calls from them at the car wash asking how it works......

It has  reminded me when they were actual toddlers and asked me questions all day like why?why?why? until my ears would bleed.

So continues my summer with hairy giant toddlers..............

Looks fine from a distance.......


What I'd rather be doing.