Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Cold or a Zombie?

Friday I get the crud.   You know, the crud.  You don't know whether to call it a cold, sinus issues, flu etc.   It's the "I feel crummy and need a personal nurse" crud.

Tissues surround me.  My perfume of the week is Vicks Mentholatum rub.
Sleeping off and on all day and night.  Freezing then sweating.  Stuffed up nose which immediately starts running just to stuff up again.  Laying down. Getting up then just laying down again.  That's me.

I'm a horrible sick person.  I'm miserable. And I'm sure that I feel worse than anyone else could ever.  (kind of like a man...)

Add in some daytime no-drowsy useless med that wear off after 2 hours and I'm pretty sure I resemble a zombie.  A not showered, icky, hideous looking zombie.

The only good news about this is that I have completed every episode of "Orange Is The New Black"  and roughly the entire last season of "Breaking Bad"  and  countless episodes of "Sons of Anarchy".  And the last one was to check on Charlie Hunnams acting skills since he's going to step up and play Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey".   Hey,  he ain't too shabby in a motorcycle gang either......

Monday, September 9, 2013

Peace, Love & Kindness

Every week I try my best to start Monday's with a good attitude.  My goal is to be nice to all and perform random acts of kindness.  Seriously.  Don't be so shocked.  I do have a pleasant side.   I do!!   

But, after one of "those" weeks I found it extremely hard to find my goodness.  And when I talk about random acts of kindness I mean like letting cars merge in front of me without getting mad when they don't give the "hey thanks" gesture wave.  And genuinely smiling at all strangers without looking like a creeper. 

 I would love to do things like buy a stranger tires when I see his bald ones in a parking lot.........But ,actually I need new tires and I'm not rich.  

I'm hoping Tuesday is a better day.  I'll have to double up on my kindness.

This was more like my attitude today.  Not pretty.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mama's Getting Her Spook On

It's been such a crummy summer (weather wise)  that for the first time in my adult life I'm ready to say I'm ready for fall.  I used to fight fall tooth and nail til the bitter end.  I'm a winter hater. 

But, since I have not had my annual kids are in school and I don't want to work yet month long pool time  (I love a community pool with no kiddies all to my self!! bahahaha (that was my manic laugh)   because it has been muggy, cloudy, moist etc.   And unless you are into numerous bug bites pools without sun are no fun.  Ha I made a rhyme!

So, being Halloween is my favorite holiday I'm going to ramp it up early this year.   Yeah, I'm going for obnoxious Halloween overkill this year......

So get ready to hear about it for the next oh 6-8 weeks.  I might run this thing on into Thanksgiving....

Mama's ready to get her spook on.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Bridesmaids

I always wanted a fairy tale Cinderella wedding.  

I didn't have one and that's ok. Mine was pretty fun.  

For a number of years when Disney started promoting dreamy themed weddings at Disney World I would tell my husband If we ever re-newed our vows that's what I wanted.

Well, the years went by and the kiddies came and so did life.  By now, this Cinderella would look a little   um what's the nicest word?? mature.  Yeah, mature.  I would look more like Cinderella's Godmother riding around in that carriage.    

And the cost?   Holy wicked stepmother!!    The cost of a Disney wedding is more than a mortgage, braces, Hollister shirts and feeding 2 teen boys.

But,  I came across this picture.  And I would so do it all over again today if I could get all my favorite friends to be my bridesmaids.  Problem being I would be laughing so hard that I would miss my own wedding........


You know these gals are pissed and can't wait to get drunk at the reception and diss the bride....

Bye Bye Summer

It's the first week of September.  The time kids used to go back to school.  But, now they just throw them in the first part of August. 

So your brain gets kind of skewed.  Since they have been in school a month you feel like it's fall.  Only fall with 90 degree days and 200% humidity.  

And my watermelon patch in my garden turned out to be a pumpkin patch.

So it's kind of like a sign.  Forget summer.  Get on with Fall. 

Plus all the new tv shows start soon.......