Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Bridesmaids

I always wanted a fairy tale Cinderella wedding.  

I didn't have one and that's ok. Mine was pretty fun.  

For a number of years when Disney started promoting dreamy themed weddings at Disney World I would tell my husband If we ever re-newed our vows that's what I wanted.

Well, the years went by and the kiddies came and so did life.  By now, this Cinderella would look a little   um what's the nicest word?? mature.  Yeah, mature.  I would look more like Cinderella's Godmother riding around in that carriage.    

And the cost?   Holy wicked stepmother!!    The cost of a Disney wedding is more than a mortgage, braces, Hollister shirts and feeding 2 teen boys.

But,  I came across this picture.  And I would so do it all over again today if I could get all my favorite friends to be my bridesmaids.  Problem being I would be laughing so hard that I would miss my own wedding........


You know these gals are pissed and can't wait to get drunk at the reception and diss the bride....

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