Monday, January 6, 2014

Bag Lady

So my cold from last post lasted about 3 weeks.  Joy.  

I got the holidays over quicker than well, really quick.  I am so not into them anymore now that my boys are older.   10 minutes and Christmas morning was over.  

I'm all for going to Hawaii for the next holidays.  Or even just the next county.

And my bag lady, lady with the flu, whatever look is continuing due to the cold weather now.  Let me tell you it is not pretty.  Layering like mine has never ever been "in".  In fact my husband cringes when he sees me going outside to get the paper.  Eh. whatever it takes to stay warm.

Has anyone noticed that their fav bloggers are slowly disappearing?   Is blogging going to the wayside?  All my favs are getting sporadic in their rants.  
Maybe their like me and are tired of whining online.   Hmmmm, let's see what Spring holds....