Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I've been around

Where have I been you ask?  I've been around.  You know.  Sometime life gets in the way.          
 May is always hellish for school with exams, projects, crap.  Then I feel like I have to "get away" and plan a vacation that starts the day after school lets out.  Add in a part time job that was supposed to be a few hours a week that turns into quite a bit more.  I haul ass  to Florida to relax and realize my teenage boys aren't fun at the beach anymore. 

It's not their fault.  Crap, I didn't want to hang with my Mom when I was a teen.   It took me eleven days at the beach to get it. Well, actually it took me 4 but I was in denial.   All the fishing poles, baggo, kites, floats, boogie boards, sunscreen that I so meticulously packed was barely touched.   One of the boys stayed pretty much in the condo with headphones on and computer plugged in playing games with the classmates he just spent 9 months with.    And, yes before you say "well, you should unplug him" blah blah blah. Give me a break. And him too.  He did make it through May fabulously. He needed a break.  He says he had a blast.  Uh, ok.  The other man child of mine hung with me part of the time texting his girlfriend and sleeping under my umbrella.  

Lessons learned:   Don't assume your babies will be like they were in years past.  These teen years suck the whimsy out of them.  Never plan a long vacation without taking a long hard look at your teens and asking yourself "do I really want to entertain these guys?"  The funny part is we have had more laughs since we've been home.   Hmmm, could have saved some bank $ If I had been smart.....