Friday, January 15, 2016

Bucket List

So I turned 50 in December.  And no I don't feel 50  I feel 39.  But, it's cool.  I am welcoming 50 with open arms.  I feel great and have decided instead of having a big birthday party (which I hate)  I am making a 50 at 50 bucket list to complete by next December.  For those tiny few and maybe none who are interested on said bucket list here are a few of my wishes.

Ride a Motorcycle
Try medicinal marijuana (what?? I didn't say that)
Shoot a gun and maybe buy one
Wax my entire body (Check! and Ouch!)
Ride in a police car  Up front mind you
Do more at night  cause my girlfriends say I'm 80
Sell more houses than last year
Drink real cocktails  (Check! and Yum!)
Run in a Race 5k or 10k
Go hiking, biking, climbing
Get my sons off to college while they still think I'm fantastic! (soooo close)
Make a new friend every month
Be open to meeting new friends every month
Let my filter off and say what I really mean (check! In progress!)
Let everyone know I'm 50 and can do what I want
Let everyone at Walmart know how I feel when they go slow or hog aisles.
Yell loudly whenever I feel like it
Be more of a pretty princess than I already am.
Steal Adam Levine away from his  model wife and make him love me. (yeah, Mr. Hermann is fine with that.  So long as it doesn't affect him.  hahahah
Manscape Mr. Hermann so he looks                                                      like this Viking

I have much more on my mental list but this is a good start don't ya think? 

So bring it 50.  This fool is ready