Friday, January 25, 2013

I Walk The Line

Since I started this blog I have been walking a very thin line.    The line that keeps me from being completely unfiltered on my thoughts and views and the other side who is secretly scared of being totally offensive to some people I know.

What's that you say???   Teresa scared??  Of what people think???? Hell to the no. 

I was told in the beginning of blogging that if you want to be free and honest with your words you need to be anonymous.   Well, how do you get your blog out there if not by your friends and their friends etc......   So, I wasn't anonymous. And it worked. But it cracks me up when someone from say church sidles up to me and whispers "I loved your post this week about licking balls".   

These people are so worried their names will pop up in fancy flashing letters on my blog if they comment or "like" it!!    Remember,  I'm in the bible belt folks.  And that's ok.  

So,  I've decided to get off the fence.  If you are easily offended make this the last post you read from me.   And if I change the blog name it's not to be anonymous but just to change it up.  (still digging Sassy Pants!)

I will still be the fabulous, caring, phenomenal gal and mom you know.   Just being a little more honest in my thoughts.  (most of this stuff you have thought of anyway.  Don't lie)

Now I can start my  weekly "Don't Be a Dick" post!!!    

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