Saturday, January 26, 2013

3 Weeks of Fantastic

Gahhh.   I just saw my sweet baby boy #1 off.   Back to Guam.  Back to the mother effing  Navy who won't send him home often enough.   (I know, the military is for our freedom yadda yadda and I support that)  but not today.  I'm surly and emotional this morning.

We had 3 fabulous weeks of laughs. All 3 of my boys picked up like they havn't been apart this long.   And I must say as far as daughter-in-laws go mine is pretty awesome.   She makes me laugh alot.  (bonus)  Of course she is 7000 miles away so we don't have time to get on each others nerves.   Yet.   

Me, pretending to hog my son's attention.  

Today will be as follows:   Stay in my pajamas. Cry. Take something prescriptiony.  Cry. Fall asleep.  Wake up.  Cry. And cry some more.  Then continue this cycle for the week.

To all my peeps.  I would appreciate offerings left on my doorstep for my separation anxiety that I will experience for the next week.   Casseroles and brownies are always welcome.  And wine.   Or beer.  

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