Monday, January 28, 2013

Fix Yourself Up

I was reading this gals blog about taking time to make yourself "presentable" for the day. That you shouldn't let yourself get into a rut and let yourself "go"  Even if your not going anywhere take a few minutes to "fix up" and get dressed.  She was talking to women and or Moms who run around in pajamas and no make-up.  As I was reading I got a chill down my spine.  Was my web cam on???  Did this bitch know me???  Is she spying on me???? WTF.

I know I have seriously got to quit wearing le jammies to drop off boys who miss bus (duh, if they miss the bus we are late and I don't have time to "fix up" or to answer the door (If your at my door unannounced then what you see is your own fault)

  I'm waiting for that one day where I have a fender bender in front of the school and I'm standing there in my favorite leopard flannel pj's and Tinkerbell toboggan.   While all the while all my school  peeps (likes and don't likes) are driving by.   Accompanied by my boys mortification (bonus) .

I don't want to fix up just to take a nap.  I'll fix up later when I have to go to the gym or Target.   But, bitch don't try and make me feel guilty for not fixing up to sit in front of my computer blogging about bitches like you while keeping an eye on my laundry. 

And for some reason when I'm looking my worst it turns Archie into a sex crazed horn dog.  

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