Friday, July 18, 2014

Sisters Episode 1: Strawberries {The Kloons}

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Zombie Mom

It dawned on my this week that summer is almost over. (and by that I just mean before school starts the 1st week of August. Damn you school Nazi's!)  

 Hmmm.  I must have been so busy that it just flew by.  That's it.  I've been so darn busy.

Let's see.   We went on vacation the last of May.  I don't work much in the summer. I don't have a garden this year.  If my house is any indication I didn't go overboard on housekeeping this summer.   We don't have summer sports or kids activities and birthday parties out the hoo ha every freakin day.

   Apparently, I haven't done SHIT this summer.  Seriously.  I remember napping, sleeping in, napping, maybe getting the mail a couple of times.  But that's it.  

It's obvious I wasn't busy blogging or writing. I practically had to blow the dust off my keyboard.

What on earth did I do this summer??  This is scary.  Do I have Alzheimer's? 

Nah.  I think I have finally  arrived!!  You know, arrived at that place that you prayed for for since you brought your precious bundles of joy home from the hospital.  Then looked at them and realized you will be watching and caring for them 24/7 for 100 years...   

Well,  my guys can now potty (they are teens after all) nuke a Hot Pocket for lunch and ask mom for a ride every so often.   SWEET!!!

So it's kind of like I'm a zombie this summer.  Cool.  Just stumble around in stinky clothes and bad hair with no real intent or direction.  Yup. Sounds like my summer alright....   And I love it.