Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Full Moon

I'm not all into when the moon is in line with Mars and all things groovy MOST of the time.    But, sometimes when there is a full moon........

Like there is this week.   My kids have been off (read: sarcastic twits)   the hubs has been extremely attentive (am I dying, and no one is telling me??)   Just kidding.  Maybe it's the weather.  I have felt like a zombie.  Except I don't like that mental image.  I'm not one for having my flesh fall off and eyeballs popping out.  So maybe a Werewolf.  That sounds about right.  I'm irritable, haven't been able to sleep.  And everyone annoys me.  Werewolf.    Sounds good.

Even going out in public I see people acting strange.   Crazy woman was going nutso over the perfect shaped pumpkin at Sam's.  jeez.   Was at the car repair shop  and worker dude gave me a "hey buddy" smack on the arm that knocked me into the wall.  WTF.  And ran into not one but two acquaintances from many years past. All I could think was what the hell was their name??  How do I know them?     Why on earth do they remember my name???       How did I know them? Oh crap, was it years ago when I was single?  Holy Batman.   Then the whole time they are making small talk you are wracking your brain for HOW IN THE @#$%^ do I know this person!!!    And why am I wearing my skankiest yoga pants???   and why don't I quit going out with no makeup and a ball cap thinking it makes me invisible.  And why on earth do I give a crap?  Normally I don't.  Damn you full moon.

By the time they say "good to see you"   you have said 2 words and look like a moron all the while your brain was whizzing and running like a computer gone bad.        And sometimes I analyze it to death thinking later of all the charming and witty things I could have said.  You know,  lying and bragging on the fam and how busy and glamorous your life is..........  And when you finally realize who it was it was.  Someone like your 9th grade typing teacher or some Dad your kid played baseball with 12 years ago.   baahahahahah

We have all been there. Yes you have. I know you.

Now normally that type of stuff doesn't faze me.  I paste on a big ole smile and say the right things and still not know their names.   It's the southern gals way.

Blame it on the full moon.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back It Up


Yay! Finally got my new hard drive and yes I installed it myself. I felt so awesome when it worked I wanted to put on a white shirt and black tie and head down to the Geek Squad and see if they needed any help! Bah! But wait, that was only the beginning. It took quite a while and a couple of days to get all the recovery stuff and programs working. For me at least. Then there was the tedious process of downloading all my pics again and getting all my favs set back up. Not fun. So I am now an advocate of backing her up. (mine is a her) I'm so paranoid about this happening again I have put all my pics on every computer in the house and bought an external hard drive (if that doesn't sound geeky I don't know what does).

So, finally after 2 weeks and a thank you to Miss India at HP (sorry I called you a b*****) I am back where I love. At my desk "working" and blogging my little brain out. Peace!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do Over

After yesterdays snarky post I thought it might need a do over.  (nah)  Not that I regret posting my true thoughts or that I care what anyone thinks about them.  No, I just thought It needed a little something to balance it out.  :)  

                                   Things I have learned and love

1.  You don't have like everyone.

2. I love boys.

3.  You don't have to be a perfect Mom. They will love you anyway.

4. I have learned to surround myself with only true friends who make me laugh.

5. I have worked hard to keep negative people and thoughts away.

6. I will always be a blonde.

7. I believe in love.

8. I have no regrets.  That's how I became who I am today.

9. It's ok to say no.

10. I love that my husband still ogles me like a teenager.

11. I don't have to like doing laundry.

12.  I love doing all the yard work.

13. I don't feel guilty that I'm a lousy cook. (I'm a whiz at take-out)

14. It's ok to sing loudly and be lousy at it.

15. I still feel young. 

16. I am amazed that I have 3 boys who are all different and awesome.

17.  I have learned to tune out dumb parenting advice and just smile and nod.

18. I don't care if anyone likes me or not.

19.  I love that my boys will still sing and dance with me. (not in public)

20.  I love the fact that my husband and boys love and accept my quirkiness.

21.  I encourage my boys to be individuals.  Not followers.

22.  It's ok not to pretend you have the "perfect" marriage. (it works for us)

23. I love that my BFF and I can pick up where we left off at anytime.

24.  You can wear your night gown all day if you want. 

25.  I love my delete button.

26.  I am so much more confident than I ever was.

27. Never say never.

28. Never be afraid to ask.

29. I find something joyful in everyday. 

30. It's ok to admit you read Fifty Shades of Gray.........

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning is usually my day to clean bathrooms (boys=yuck), Clean parrot cage(double yuck) yoga class (ahhhhh) but for some reason I have the urge to sit here in my nightgown (read: husbands Pirates of the Caribbean t shirt) and just play with my fonts.   Ooooh  that sounds way naughtier than it is.   Except remember I'm still on the big old computer.   Hopefully that b**** oops I mean lovely HP rep from India sent my new hard drive on time.  So until I have something nice to say I'd better stick with playing with my fonts........ or going back to bed............

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Computer Snob

So I got back from vacation a week ago and when I was ready to blog about it I fired up my laptop.  To find this flashing screen with "Smart hard drive failure imminent" on it.  Wth?  If it's so Smart why did it fail huh??  It worked fine on vaca.  (I had promised the fam I wouldn't blog on vaca just check important stuff...yeah right)  Did it drop out of the back of my car for our last gas/bathroom stop on the way home???   Hmmmm, no I got the gas and it couldn't have been my fault. (right?)  I would blame Hubby but he flew home a few days earlier for "work".  Whatever.  I know he would do anything to get out of the hellish ride back where nothing is packed right and every time a door opens fries and soda cans fall out and we are all tired and bitchy and look like the Clampetts. 

Back to my issue.   Imminent????   That means soon right??   Not in my case.  It meant right effing then.    Have I backed everything up like a good girl.  Of course not, I've been meaning too......I am in panic mode.   I have pics to download, stuff to discuss, FB posts to mock.   C'mon!!!   Nooooooooooooo.
After a lengthy conversation with an HP rep I'm guessing was in India because I couldn't understand half of what she was saying.   But she was super nice so.   She actually bargained with me on the price of a new hard drive.  Seriously.  Had no idea you could do that.   Works for me.    So in the meantime I'm moping and wailing  on about no Internet when my darling husband after day 3 gets snarky and says what's wrong with using your phone, the big computer, the tablet, or one of the boys computers,netbooks or laptops.........

I'll tell you why.   For those who know me I'm kinda girly.  My laptop has shiny white buttons and flowers on the cover.   My desk has a girly lamp and scented candles.  Add that with my morning coffee or a evening glass of wine (or vice versa however my day is going)  and I am a blogging, internet loving fool. All my favorites are bookmarked. All of our bill sites and passwords are stored on it. (I'd better figure that one out before anything gets shut off huh?)  I can't type anything but  the basic texting on my phone and I can't use the tablet because I can't type without a real keyboard.  The boys are stingy with theirs and I would have to block their games and friend's im-ing and I would also get distracted snooping and being a good parent by being nosy.  (I already do that while they are at school anyway) 

So that leaves me sitting here in front of the "big" computer.  You know, every family has one. The dinosaur.  The one tied in with the printer with school supplies scattered and my husband scribbled work notes.  The bad chair that gives me a crick in the neck when I try and type for 5 minutes. The one that is slower than dial up......

I admit it.  Reading over this I have turned into a computer snob.  And I'm not sorry...... So until Wednesday (that's what Miss India says) when I get my new hard drive (which I was assured I could install myself, who are they kidding??) I will try to keep my computer griping down to 2 per blog.      Maybe 3..... 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm back!!

Ahhh, I'm back from another fabulous vacation with my family!!!!  

  Doesn't that sound like someones Face book post??  You know, one of the 400 "friends" that you only keep so you can sneer at their posts?   Don't deny it.   When I say "fabulous" what I really mean is my teenage boys didn't fight "too" much, my husband and I didn't say anything too snarky to each other  that would leave a mark and I didn't kill one or all three of them.  Although, there was one night at Epcot (yes, we were at Disney World)  and my boys were bickering so bad I thought I was going to try and spank them (ridiculous thought since they are way taller than me and teenagers) or have an aneurysm.  Thank God the Food & Wine Festival was going on (think beer & wine kiosks every 30 feet)that  I just blended in like every other mother there clutching her plastic wine glass trying to look like we having the time of our lives with our wonderful families all the while giving her kids the evil eye.

Now don't get me wrong.  I adore my family.  I will brag on their attributes all day long.  But,  confine us in a hotel room where the first 2 days are torrential storms and everyone has an opinion on what we should do  (oh, for the days of babies and  toddlers where their opinions didn't count!)   Has anyone smelled teenage boys lately?? I have one that likes to shower 2-3 times daily with outfit changes and the  other one wants to know why he has to shower at all since it's vacation.....  A combination of little boy funk and Axe body spray was our rooms fragrance.  Oh, and don't forget no one wants to share a bed with anyone anymore.  4 people, 2 beds, 2 brothers, 8 nights, and Dad with his C-Pap mask.  Get the picture? 

So, to me it was a fabulous vacation. We made more great memories and while there was the good, bad and ugly parts of it we just kept the pictures of the good and don't bring up the ugly :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vacation time!!

Don't panic Folks! It's Disney time!!

Whoop Whoop! Disney Vacation has finally arrived!! Leaving at 6 am tomorrow!! I'm packed, everything taken care of (Don't forget about your pets, mail and paper!) I am always on the fence on Disney's online check in. Sometimes I do it and sometimes I don't. My check in time upon arrival never seems to change either way.

Moms and Dads, sometimes we get so stressed over family vacations and want everything to be fantastic and for everyone to be ecstatically happy. We want the whole family to rave on what a marvelous time we had and praise the fabulous person who planned and worried about, and got it all together!! Little note: It will never happen. You will have moments of all of those things but never all and never all at once. And please please don't let me see you being one of those screaming shrew Moms or Dads in the park. Not cool. No matter every ones ages there is plenty to do. If the youngest ones are screaming loudest get their part over then maybe they will nap in their stroller and you can relax!

And, don't get upset if the resort pool is the only place that the kiddies want to be. They are cool pools!!! And if that's the case you can lounge and have an adult beverage. The lifeguards at Disney resorts are the best!!!!

I have known Moms to work themselves up into a anxiety attack upon arrival and miss half of their vacation. I myself have learned my lesson and always keep a little vino and xanax on hand. (hey! whatever works!)

Breathe deep. The time is here. There is nothing more you can do. Enjoy your time with your family and most importantly enjoy yourself!!!