Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back It Up


Yay! Finally got my new hard drive and yes I installed it myself. I felt so awesome when it worked I wanted to put on a white shirt and black tie and head down to the Geek Squad and see if they needed any help! Bah! But wait, that was only the beginning. It took quite a while and a couple of days to get all the recovery stuff and programs working. For me at least. Then there was the tedious process of downloading all my pics again and getting all my favs set back up. Not fun. So I am now an advocate of backing her up. (mine is a her) I'm so paranoid about this happening again I have put all my pics on every computer in the house and bought an external hard drive (if that doesn't sound geeky I don't know what does).

So, finally after 2 weeks and a thank you to Miss India at HP (sorry I called you a b*****) I am back where I love. At my desk "working" and blogging my little brain out. Peace!

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