Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Full Moon

I'm not all into when the moon is in line with Mars and all things groovy MOST of the time.    But, sometimes when there is a full moon........

Like there is this week.   My kids have been off (read: sarcastic twits)   the hubs has been extremely attentive (am I dying, and no one is telling me??)   Just kidding.  Maybe it's the weather.  I have felt like a zombie.  Except I don't like that mental image.  I'm not one for having my flesh fall off and eyeballs popping out.  So maybe a Werewolf.  That sounds about right.  I'm irritable, haven't been able to sleep.  And everyone annoys me.  Werewolf.    Sounds good.

Even going out in public I see people acting strange.   Crazy woman was going nutso over the perfect shaped pumpkin at Sam's.  jeez.   Was at the car repair shop  and worker dude gave me a "hey buddy" smack on the arm that knocked me into the wall.  WTF.  And ran into not one but two acquaintances from many years past. All I could think was what the hell was their name??  How do I know them?     Why on earth do they remember my name???       How did I know them? Oh crap, was it years ago when I was single?  Holy Batman.   Then the whole time they are making small talk you are wracking your brain for HOW IN THE @#$%^ do I know this person!!!    And why am I wearing my skankiest yoga pants???   and why don't I quit going out with no makeup and a ball cap thinking it makes me invisible.  And why on earth do I give a crap?  Normally I don't.  Damn you full moon.

By the time they say "good to see you"   you have said 2 words and look like a moron all the while your brain was whizzing and running like a computer gone bad.        And sometimes I analyze it to death thinking later of all the charming and witty things I could have said.  You know,  lying and bragging on the fam and how busy and glamorous your life is..........  And when you finally realize who it was it was.  Someone like your 9th grade typing teacher or some Dad your kid played baseball with 12 years ago.   baahahahahah

We have all been there. Yes you have. I know you.

Now normally that type of stuff doesn't faze me.  I paste on a big ole smile and say the right things and still not know their names.   It's the southern gals way.

Blame it on the full moon.