Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Secret Love of Tattoo's

My secret love of tattoo's (well, not so secret after this post) began years ago.  When I was a teenager I would secretly peek at anyone having a tattoo and try and analyze them.  Were they bikers?  Druggies? Bad people?   Hey, I was brought up in the south (for the most part) and brought up to stereotype people that way. My parents were already worried about my Pat Benetar fetish....  When I got to my 20's I didn't care who had them I just knew I wanted one.  Bad.  Then between marriage and babies the thought got tucked away into the want but not practical file.  Plus,  I wanted to be smart and get something I knew I would never get tired of.  Finally, for a major milestone birthday (and no, I'm not saying which one) hubs took me to get my first tattoo.
It was funny because we had to find a reputable tattoo artist who was open before the school bus dropped off our boyos.  (harder than you think!)

I have tried off and on over the years to convince hubs to get a tattoo.  He could care less.  He would get one if I pressed the issue but his attitude is why?  Him along with many others don't see the fascination in expressing with ink.  And that's cool. 

I am all about your body is your own.  Do what you want.  Always have been.  I'm not a fan of full body tattoo's or sleeves. That's just me.  But, I have always loved it when you could see a tiny hint of a tattoo on someone under their shirt sleeve or pants.  I'm not talking tramp stamp.  But, someone who has a tattoo and knows it's there but doesn't feel the need to display it 24/7.   It makes me crazy trying to guess what it is without knowing them.  I'm always dying to know if it is something meaningful to them or just your typical I was drunk shamrock, dolphin, or something with flames.... It's like a fun guessing game.

I already know what I want for tattoo #2.    And I think #3 will be my magic number as far as tattoo's go.   

It's funny to me how many of my bestie GF's who are not nearly as surly, salty and vocal as me have tattoo's and no one would have any idea.    One of my besties won't go to the tattoo place with me here local because she is scared someone might see her and  her 80+ yr. parents might find out!(that bible belt still needs to be loosened up around here!)  lol 

Looks like I'll be getting ink'd soon.  Can't wait.  :)

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