Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MMmmm The Smell of Holiday Burning, I Mean Baking

While I'm trying to figure out a fabulous new name for le blog I realized it was time to dust off the mixing bowls!  And yes, I mean dust off.  For those who don't know me or have not read any of my ramblings I am a horrid cook.  Horrid.  Your not getting it.  My family won't let me cook more than my 5 basic dishes.   My whole family.  I have been to cooking classes.  I have wonderful  cookbooks my darling Aunt and Mother have given me.  My parents even gave me a pink mixer thinking it might help.  But alas, nothing has worked.  I was born lacking the cooking gene.  I can't even get a meal plan together.  And I come from a line of phenomenal cooks.  My Mother can find 3 things in my pantry and whip up a dinner for 10. 

But at holiday time they all cut me some slack and let me bake a few treats for Thanksgiving and Christmas!   I think I'm getting better.  I always buy 2 of everything I need because I will always inadvertently screw up the first batch. 
I just finished  my first round of gingerbread men. And women.  I like things equal.  I must say I think this year is my best.  Only a few arms and legs fell off and the smoke detector did not go off once!!!   They look more like poltergeist but I'm ok with that. 

I'm still not allowed to bake pies.  I mean just because one year you could have used a straw for my pies your blackballed from pie making for life.  That's ok.  My 14 year old son makes the pies since he was 10 and they are way better than any of mine. 

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