Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Black Friday Love

Oh Joy! Yay! as I skip down my driveway (which slopes at a 90 degree angle so skipping is a tad exaggerated)   The biggest newspaper of the year is here!!   The Black Friday Ads!!   Now I enjoy my newspaper everyday. I am a newspaper ho.  If I don't hear my newspaper carrier come barreling down my street in his souped up Suburban (Seriously, it's got to get like what? 3 mpg? Surely that's not cost effective for a paper route) by 6:05 am I am pissed.   I have even to be known to stand at the end of my driveway in my sleepwear of choice glaring at him as he finally drives by.  Our local paper is ok.  It actually combined our two previous papers a number of years ago which made it a little better.  But, I feel I have to read it cover to cover with my coffee or I am out of the know.  And I have two favorite columnists that I have to catch.  Mark Kennedy & David Cook.  I am their stalker.

Ok Ok back to topic.  As I look around me my paper frenzy evident around me.  Good Black Friday Ads on table.  Bad ones on the floor.    I have to get my plan in order because my sister-in-laws & peeps will have theirs by the time we get to my parents for Thanksgiving.  Which by the way my Mom wants to have it later in the evening by candlelight.......Seriously???  C'mon Mom we will be starving by then.  Then you have to figure out who's hooking up ( in the shopping way not the sexy way) with whom tonight or early am.   We always have great stories to tell from past shopping trips.  Like the time one of my sister-in-laws was fighting over something and called a woman a douche bag.  Nice.  Or the time last year after waiting for a long time at Target we had to pee behind a dumpster.     Ahhhh Good Times.

And less you think I have truly lost the meaning of Thanksgiving I have not.   My Thanksgiving is not just one day.  It is most days of my life with my boys and family and knowing my baby boy #1 is safe in Guam. And of course,  my immense joy of life and everyday things.  For that I am thankful. 

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