Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bah Humbug (again)

Bah Humbug!!   Oops, I mean Christmas is almost here!  Yay!?.......

Every year I dislike Christmas more and more.  What a headache.  What a disruption of routines.  What a waste of money.

Let me elaborate before I put my foot too far in...
 Yes, I understand what it is about.  The true meaning.  Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got it. I support it. I practice it.  So, why can't we just say Happy Birthday, Jesus!? And maybe do something along those lines.   Something that stays a little more focused..

Of course, do the Santa gig.  It's precious and sweet and quite the blackmail in the year leading up to it.  But, In my opinion that should stop around 10 or whatever age your child is able to handle the truth.

The gift giving is out of control is where I'm going with this.

I'm more along the lines of "let's use our Christmas money and go out of town for the holidays.  Or donate it to something worthy.  Or go skiing.  Or not go poor."

These ideas of mine this year were met with blank stares and comments like "your so funny Mom! We know how much you love doing all the Christmas stuff".

Seriously?  Who told them this??  I hate red and green.  Christmas decorating and gift buying rank right up there with folding laundry or cleaning a parrot cage.

Everyone around me is all about "have you got your shopping done"?  Only 2 more days!  Super. Only 2 more days to think of something  great for parents and teens.  It's exhausting. It was fun when my boys were little and it was magical. And you could spend $100 on 3 boys and there was a pile of presents under the tree.  It should be magical and special and not lose meaning.  While they are young.

When everyone is almost adults the gift giving should stop.  When my kids lists run the gamut of "New Car" to "$700 gift card for new gaming computer"  I'm done.  Cooked. Finished. Out of magic.  Pfft.  There is absolutely nothing I can whip out of my magical Mom hat anymore. 

Maybe one more year.

And not just because my Christmas List reads:  Nikes with rhinestones, Botox, A pony,  
giant (and I mean huge) Coach Bag........

(none of this I'll actually get mind you.  The hubs and I did away with gift giving years ago when we both realized how bad he sucked at it)    :))

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