Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bucket List Part 2

Holy shrimp balls.   Has it been a year??  Truly??   I never dreamed when I wrote my last Tomfoolery blog that it would be about a year until I wrote here again!!   Apparently, I was distracted and busy working on my bucket list.  Or lazy.   Hmmmm, we'll go with distracted.

Where to begin???? I feel like 2016 was 20 years rolled into one.  In a good way.  Kind of.
Sort of.  Maybe? At times.  Yes!  At times!!!

I'll start by recapping my infamous (lol non famous) bucket list.  It was huge for me and some of my friends who helped me with it!  

This list was so much freaking fun!  So many laughs over it!  Totally came out of my comfort zone!!  Which while uncomfy was rather entertaining.......

In fact, I did so many things that I didn't have time to finish.  I kept adding and/or putting off so look out 2017 the list continues!

Here is my bucket list from a year ago:

Ride a Motorcycle   No!!  Can you believe it???  I thought it would  be the easiest thing to knock off my list!  That's why it was at the top!  Did not realize how creepy it is to ask a stranger to ride on the back of their bike!  Who knew?
Try medicinal marijuana (what?? I didn't say that)
Check It!!
Shoot a gun and maybe buy one  Check!!! Love love loved it!!!  Now, to decide what color I want......   
Skydiving Another no!!!   Can't believe it again!!  This spring I promise!!!!
Wax my entire body (Check! and Ouch!)  Did it for a while.  Glad I did!  Can you say Brazilian?
Ride in a police car  Up front mind you  OMG  No.  Seriously had a chance but the officer involved was a little skeevy......I'm waiting on another option in the Copper department.
Do more at night  cause my girlfriends say I'm 80  Yes!!!!  Doing it!  Cept not when it's cold...
Sell more houses than last year Check!!!!  Thank you Baby Jesus.
Drink real cocktails  (Check! and Yum!)  Double check!!!  
Run in a Race 5k or 10k  OMG!!!! So did it!!! Loved it!! Want to do it again!!!
Go hiking, biking, climbing Eh,  a little.   Didn't realize how many lazy friends I have that won't go with me!  Definitely on for this year even if I have to go by myself!
Get my sons off to college while they still think I'm fantastic! (soooo close)  OMG OMG OMG!!! 21 days  left and they still laugh and dance with me in the kitchen!!!! 
Make a new friend every month Now this one is seriously harder than it sounds
Be open to meeting new friends every monthAgain, a little harder but, getting better!
Let my filter off and say what I really mean (check! In progress!)Holy ef*&^%$ing Shrimp Balls.  I'm doing it   Slowly  
Let everyone know I'm 50 and can do what I want  eh, just more or less doing what I want lol
Let everyone at Walmart/grocery store etc. know how I feel when they go slow or hog aisles. Didn't do this one.  I just smile real big....
Yell loudly whenever I feel like it Check!!  
Be more of a pretty princess than I already am.Check!!!
Steal Adam Levine away from his  model wife and make him love me.     No, I didn't do that :(  Seemed too mean when I thought it out.
Manscape Mr. Hermann so he looks                                                      like this Viking
Nope.  Didn't do this. The Mr. and I got a divorce instead.
Gasp???!!No! you say???  Yup.  We did it.  That story is for another day. It's all good.  Kind of.  But, I'm still addicted to Vikings except now Ragnor is gone...nooooooooooooooooo

Then there were soooooooo many more things I did that I either can't remember at the moment or honestly can't say out loud. But, I do remember laughing my fool head off, smiling a lot at everyone and realizing I love red.

I have much more on my mental list but this is a good start don't ya think?