Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yoga Pants

To make up for my lazy day yesterday I headed out Christmas shopping early today.  I know I know I did most of it on Amazon.  Can I just say I love love love Amazon??   Anything you want or can think of and "click" it's yours.   Anyway, there were still a few things on the list I needed and hey, if I ran across a good sale then bonus for me.

Wore my red boots because nothing says festive and fun like red boots.

Got a few great deals and even got a new pair of black yoga pants to go with the 17 that I already have.   Who ever invented yoga pants is my idol.  Need to run to the grocery? yoga pants.  Need to go to the school?  yoga pants.  Wal-mart? Target?  Definitely  yoga pants. (although you can get by with some sketchy outfits at those two)  Yoga class?  You got it.  yoga pants. 

It was a great day.  Christmas music playing. I was all alone. Glitter everywhere. Got my list done.  Very few screaming kids out. (that will change tomorrow. Hence, the reason for today's shopping) No crowds.  Just the way I love to shop.  

Oh, and for those of you who don't believe my lack of expertise in le kitchen. I tried making a Christmas treat from that evil Pinterest.  2 effing ingredients. Hershey Kisses and pretzels.  Did you know those things will burn like a mutha?   They will.  Smoke detector and all.  God awful smell will turn you off chocolate for at least a day.  Gah.

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