Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Spirit Blah

Yay!  It's over! We made it!  Whoo Hooo!   Guess I should tone down my Christmas spirit bah humbug attitude.   I'm so sorry but I was not into the holiday spirit this year.   I just wanted to get to the other side of normal.   The only time I truly "felt" it was at our Christmas Eve service at church.   When we light the candle and sing.  Then our pastor makes us feel so warm and blessed.  

And to be honest, after a month of all this decor and tinsel around me I feel like I'm going to choke.  Or maybe start looking like a hoarder's home.  

I never can remember if it's considered bad luck or good luck to take down your tree before New Year's Day? I've never made it to New Year's without taking down my Christmas crap.     I snuck in my empty Christmas bins today and started packing it up.  Don't want to distress the fam by looking too eager but I want all this gone.  

I mean, I had a great time with friends and family but I'm ready to get it all packed away and de-clutter.   I'm that crazy Mom that will go through my boys rooms 3 days after Christmas with bags to gather stuff for good will.  I love to start my new year knowing there aren't any shirts or pants no one will be wearing left in my home.    ADD? OCD?  No idea.   

For the next 3 months til April 1st (the official day around here to plant, drag out plants and be outside again) I will be snuggled in my heating blanket watching my DVR and only going outside if it's absolutely necessary.  Like yoga and the liquor store. 


  1. "Like yoga and the liquor store"... girl after my own heart.

    This Christmas did feel sort of anti-Christmas. Oh well, the Mayans were wrong, we can try again next year :) You're not alone in your bah humbug. Hope there's good stuff on the dvr!


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