Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Liquor Delivery Service

Today I found myself still in my pajamas.   It's 3pm.   After the last 7 days I was not putting on clothes for anything. I am whipped.   Plus, the maid hasn't come and all my leggings and yoga pants are in the laundry.  (maid=me)   

Question:  Where do you have to live to have liquor delivered to you??   Seriously, I can't be the only Mom in town still in her jammies needing a pick me up. 

I could say I am thoroughly exhausted from all this Christmas shopping.  But, clicking the pay now button for my Amazon cart probably wouldn't elicit sympathy in most shoppers.   C'mon you can get ANYTHING (even vibrators.  So I heard ;) on Amazon.  Why fight the crowds?

Which, is what I did Saturday.  Did you hear me?? Saturday.  With a 13 year old boy.  My 14 year (baby boy#2) had his first "date".   He took her to a movie.  I gave him money and asked if he would be embarrassed if I filled his pockets with candy.  duh.  No go.  But, sweet date girl did just that.   Good girl.  

Baby boy #3 and I decided to hang around in movie vicinity to shop.   Where do I begin??   Shopping with a 13 year old boy? (bad)  The Toys R Us store??? (effing nightmare) The bitch who flipped me off over a parking spot?( I won)  Dirty, hot sweaty crowds (effing 68 degrees and everyone wearing boots and scarves)  and at least 3 crying children (I meant screaming) in each store the entire time. OMG    Where the hell did all these cowboy families come from???? (I'm talking hats, boots, shiny belts)  Mall with no parking spots.   Police on horses.  (I know, I was confused too)  Running in to too many school friends Moms.   (Don't worry, my fakey smile was well in place) 

Then Christmas concerts, school events, church events, boys exams, field trips, karate promotions (Yay, baby boy #3 is now advanced orange Hai Karate!  Wasn't that a cologne?) Oh, then I actually worked several days through all this.  Kudos to all Moms who work full time and do all this crap btw.   Gah, what a whiner I am.

Which full circle finds me in my jammies on Tuesday.   My productivity for today included going through my 73 emails.  22 texts. Working on my Itunes library. Nap.  Crying over me breaking my Kindle yesterday.  Nap. Excitement for my replacement Kindle arriving today!  Working (yes,  I actually work sometimes. ) from Internet.  Nap.

Best funny of the day.  My brother wanted my address to mail Christmas card.  WTF.  We see each other all the time.  We live 1 mile apart.   So, being the smart ass that I am I replied my address as 123 Down The Road.   He replied back "Have a F^&%ing  Merry Christmas."   lol  Classic.  

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