Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mommy Blackmail

Still working on my new blog name.   It's rather hard to come up with a name that represents who you are AND what your blog is about in just a name.    My boyos came up with the last one and now when asked they say " we don't care"  What nice young men.  Don't worry though I have my ways to get back. I have pictures of embarrassment from way back and current too.  I call them Mommy Blackmail.

  I found out today that baby boy #1 in Navy is selling his guitars and equipment on Craigslist. (He gets to come home in January for 3 weeks!!)  (Guess that garage band thing just didn't work out lol)  I used to sit in the tub while he was "jamming" in the basement and my water would be sloshing out the side of the tub.  Good times.  Not.   Ironically, I think I bought him half of the equipment he is selling.   So I FB him and asked if I got a deal because of that reason for his younger brothers who are now asking for the same crap.  Still waiting on reply.........   See old post "Eating Your Young"

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  1. You did not purchase one item from my list for me. I love you, but your blog seems to have some "Fact-checking," issues. I love you dearly, your "stinky baby boy" who works classified missions overseas.


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