Monday, November 26, 2012

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

It's Monday and I have been saying I'm going to see the new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn for a week!  I also am dying to see Skyfall.  And if anyone tells me any tidbits about them before I go I will kill them.  My problem ( and I can already see where people might not see this as a ) is my one of my many part time jobs gets in the way.  (Hubs says some of my part time work is not truly a job if I don't get paid. Whatever.)   I am a substitute teacher for our local middle/high school.  I have no problem turning down sub jobs when the auto line calls me. Um, is my ringer on my cell still off?  Oopsie.   Yes, I'm that bad.   But,  when someone asks me face to face say at the grocery or church or somewhere else public  I freeze and say "sure!  I'd love to"!!!  Well, with all the nasty fall virus's going around and teachers trekking off to fabulous vacations during the school year (wtf?) I've been staying pretty busy. 

I went back to college a couple of years ago to get my teaching degree and realized after student teaching not every one's children are as witty and charming as my guys.  (gasp, I know!?)  So I took another break from my career as professional college student and stumbled upon substitute teaching.  Can I just say LUV IT.   Dr. appt on Monday? no problem.  sick child home? no problem   Wanna stay in my jammies reading? no problem.  Want to see the latest movies during school by myself?  USUALLY no problem. 

So, I've decided this is my week.  After telling 4 year olds (another sub job) who were trying to learn the concept of kick ball to stop licking their balls, touching their friends balls, no, you can only have one ball, please leave your friends ball alone, do not hold your balls, that's why it is called kickball.... (actually quite hysterical when it was pointed out what I was saying!)  I'm taking the rest of the week off for me time.  

Oh, and if you have kids that don't live at home and don't call as often as  you would like  just start a blog. I was informed yesterday by baby boy#1 that my information about his guitars and equip were incorrect on my blog.(how sweet that he reads it)  So to him I say I'm sorry.  And see, they will get in touch with you asap if they think you are wrong just like they did when  they lived at home!!

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