Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Geeky Self

What a fabulous Tuesday!   Overcast and gray.  Perfect for staying in the jammies getting those little lists that mean so little to everyone else but can make your day if you get them done. 

Well,  that was me today.   I have been meaning to sync my IPhone  with my ITunes library. Did it!  I  made ring tones and actually put my music in some kind of order. So no more Sex on Fire mixing with New Direction .   Makes for an awkward drive to school with Mom slapping at buttons on phone to get it to stop..  Or actually more awkward considering Mom is in jammies with no shoes or glasses.   I tell the boys to just cross their fingers that I don't get into a wreck or pulled over until they are dropped off.   Especially this morning when they almost wouldn't get in the car because I had my favorite Tinkerbell toboggan on my head.....Hey! it was cold out.

I read blogs today that  I've been meaning to get to.   Pulled up articles that I have jotted down on scraps of paper.  All in all a stupendous day.   Texted, emailed, twittered with people I've been meaning to.   And I finally mastered the twitter part.  Downloaded tons of books from Amazon.   Updated my Pinterest.    Forget housework.   Newer technology has taken front seat to everyday chores.    But, how mainstream and geeky does that make me?   Maybe I should go  back old school.   A day like today with a smoking hot paperback book.   No thanks!


  1. Hey pal, nothing wrong with a little geek in everyone. And how many of us are making that same morning drive praying nothing happens. I guess the ply thing that could have made this day better for you would have been rain. :)


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