Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Open Door Policy

I have always had an open door policy in my home.   When my oldest son had girls or friends over the rule was your door stays open.    I have slept for years with my door open so I could hear if my babies needed me.  Or if there was a killer breaking in downstairs.  Or a stalker creeping up the stairs.  Hey, like the hubs would ever hear any of that?  Yeah right.   My boys always slept with their doors open.   I am even known to leave bathroom doors open.   C'mon I just had to pee and no one was around. Or I'm a multi-tasker and if someone walks by the bathroom there is always something I need to tell them.   Shutting the doors are just a waste of time to me.  Now the hubs on one hand has never ever ever ever left a bathroom door open.  Do you understand?  Never.   He locks that bathroom door up tighter than Fort Knox.   Seriously?  Does he think we want to go hang with him in there????   

Apparently, lately I've been a little too free in the open door issue.  It never fails when I'm dressing or undressing someone walks past my door.   No one is ever moving in the house but it's like a magnet when I just want to change.   So now I'm the weirdo.   All I hear lately is "Jeez, Mom  put on some pants"or  "shut the door"!   Even my husband still after all these years acts startled when he walks in and I'm pant less.    Holy %^&$   It's my home,  If I can't see the neighbors they can't see me is my motto.   I mean I usually have on a big tshirt or something.   I'm just not a fan of pants or shoes.  Come to think of it it actually might be hereditary.   When I bop over to my parents house it's always customary for us to  open the door and holler "Daddy!  You got pants on?"  Hmmmmmmmm.  My guys are worried that I'll get some kind of reputation as I get older.  Instead of the crazy cat lady that every neighborhood has I'll be the crazy pant less lady. 

And as for my open door policy I am changing my tune.   It only took once recently  of  me bee bopping into one of the teenage boys rooms (names are protected, unless they need a little blackmail)  to change my mind and insist doors can be closed if you would like some privacy.   I try to be open in the "it's your own body yadda yadda yadda"  But, after that little show I took a xanax and curled up in my bed while texting my BFF.   My cleaning supplies that week included BBQ tongs........

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