Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bitchin Thoughts

Well,  I was 2 days shy of accomplishing the 30 blogs in 30 days for November.  And to be honest. I didn't want to.  At the end I felt like a child being forced to do something.   So, instead of blogging I took a break from FB, Bloghers, Blogs I love, Pinterest and did no technology required stuff.  (Of course my IPhone and Kindle don't count!) 

Failed one of my previous blogs "do nots" by accidentally going shopping with hubs.  Went to lunch together remembered we needed t.p. ran into Wal-Mart and within 7 minutes of us being there we both said at the same time "I will never go effing  shopping with you again". 

The weather has been freaking fantastic (Said in a British accent) so I spent 3 hours yesterday working on the yard.  December 1st.  Only in the south.  :)

Oh, and of course someone might notice I have been playing around on my blog.  My new names are not going over so well so I thought I would change up my background and whatnot.   I was digging Serendipity Me but a GF told me it sounded like I was all zen and granola like.  Bitch.

Mouthy Me and Southern Mouth were in the running for my sarcastic mouth but hubs thinks they sound too oral. WTF.  Oral???  I told him I wrote a blog that mainly airs my bitchin thoughts (sorry, been wanting to use bitchin for some reason)   for mainly women. So those are actually still in the running.   Can you say Archie Bunker??  Apparently he hasn't read one of my favorite blogs.  CUSS & Other Rants (Cuss standing for Campaign for Unshaven Snatch)  So it's fairly safe to say I'm pretty mild :)

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