Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Hangover

Amazing what a three day bender of turkey, shopping and relatives can equal  the worst hangover ever.  I needed a couple of adult beverages to just make it feel normal.   I must say without one snarky spat at my parents house with so many females it was rather vanilla......We must be getting old.  Or actually I like to sit back and watch. I've done my duty as bitch divine for a number of years and have let the younger ones take over as my holiday entertainment.  

By Friday night our final ritual came to an end.  Eating at the hubs fav Mexican restaurant (he loves they know his name.  I point out that's not really a great thing....) and buying the real tree.   

When my boys were all little and we would pick out a tree and I would say when the perfect tree was held up I could hear it singing to me.   They tried so hard to hear it singing.  They have even gone as far as saying "I think I hear it Mommy!"  So last night one of the boys (teenagers now)was holding up a tree and I glanced up and all 3 guys were staring at me.  What?  They said well?  Is it singing Mom?   Bless their heart.   The perfect tree.  

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