Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm back!!

Ahhh, I'm back from another fabulous vacation with my family!!!!  

  Doesn't that sound like someones Face book post??  You know, one of the 400 "friends" that you only keep so you can sneer at their posts?   Don't deny it.   When I say "fabulous" what I really mean is my teenage boys didn't fight "too" much, my husband and I didn't say anything too snarky to each other  that would leave a mark and I didn't kill one or all three of them.  Although, there was one night at Epcot (yes, we were at Disney World)  and my boys were bickering so bad I thought I was going to try and spank them (ridiculous thought since they are way taller than me and teenagers) or have an aneurysm.  Thank God the Food & Wine Festival was going on (think beer & wine kiosks every 30 feet)that  I just blended in like every other mother there clutching her plastic wine glass trying to look like we having the time of our lives with our wonderful families all the while giving her kids the evil eye.

Now don't get me wrong.  I adore my family.  I will brag on their attributes all day long.  But,  confine us in a hotel room where the first 2 days are torrential storms and everyone has an opinion on what we should do  (oh, for the days of babies and  toddlers where their opinions didn't count!)   Has anyone smelled teenage boys lately?? I have one that likes to shower 2-3 times daily with outfit changes and the  other one wants to know why he has to shower at all since it's vacation.....  A combination of little boy funk and Axe body spray was our rooms fragrance.  Oh, and don't forget no one wants to share a bed with anyone anymore.  4 people, 2 beds, 2 brothers, 8 nights, and Dad with his C-Pap mask.  Get the picture? 

So, to me it was a fabulous vacation. We made more great memories and while there was the good, bad and ugly parts of it we just kept the pictures of the good and don't bring up the ugly :)

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