Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Winter Discontent

My least favorite time of year is upon me.    That dreary cold 3 months between Christmas and April 1st.    Gray, dismal, shall I go on???   My fashion style these next 67 days and counting will be suburban bag lady.  

Of course, spring baseball will be a pick me up during all this.   Of course I'll be watching my 14 yr. old play while I'm bundled up in the car.  Awesome Mom huh?    

Then we've got my Atlanta Braves starting Feb 22nd down in Lake Buena Vista.   My future retirement community.   Uggla, My Man McCann, Freeman and smoking hot Reed Johnson I'll see you boys soon.  

So, for all of you fellow winter haters hang in there. 67 days. 

           Sorry, I couldn't resist this one.  Saw one recently and that's exactly what I thought. Bahahahahahahaha

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