Monday, January 21, 2013

Dear Neighbors

Dear neighbors,

Thank you for being so sweet in telling me how much you love our trees every season. :) That how lucky we are to have such wonderful shade in the summer and how lovely our yard looks.  About how tall and majestic the trees are.   How their colors in the fall are gorgeous.  How lucky we are to have such great trees.

Dear neighbors, 

Thank you for watching me pick up all the broken branches that flew all over my yard and your driveways during this week"s rain/wind storm.  I know I was in purple polka dotted bottoms but would it have killed  you to maybe pick up a branch or two since you love my effing trees so much???  Instead of watching me do it.  alone.      

This spring you are banded from enjoying my trees.   If I catch you enjoying or looking at my trees I will chase you with my rusty rake.  

Your Fabulous Neighbor with the great trees.

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