Monday, January 21, 2013

All Aboard The Crazy Train

 Whew! For the last couple of weeks I thought I have  lost my snark.  I have absolutely had nothing sarcastic or bitchy to say.  What's wrong with me???  Am I going vanilla???? I hate vanilla (even vanilla ice cream)   Shoot me now if that's the case.  

Maybe it has something to do with baby boy #1 being home.  We have had so much fun and laughs.  What happened to the slobby teenage boy he used to be???  Well, he's still slobby but that doesn't seem to matter now.  I even enjoy doing his laundry.   I fold it as carefully and lovingly as if it were newborn onesies  like I did when he was a new baby.   Gah.  I'm a marshmallow.  

Saturday night we had all the fam over to see our sailor.  Can you say all aboard the crazy train?   I don't know about you but I can only handle my fam all together in small dosages.   I caught myself staring at these people that I'm related to and listening to the craziness that came out of there mouths. My Mom seriously thinks he's a Navy Seal. (he's not)  All the while ignoring my son's frantic eye contact to get him out of bizarre conversations. OMG  Is this hereditary?  I love them so much but they are nutso.  

 My youngest brother Eric who has gone from being a hip downtown living cool dressing guy  to mini-van driving middle age man......
 Me secretly laughing and holding down Cory so he can't leave this little soiree........

 So,  I snuck out to my garage   to have a sip (shot) of adult type beverage.  Even though the whole family was inside drinking wine it was nice, dark and quiet in garage.   Except my brother and sailor son were ahead of me.  We sat out there laughing and drinking until someone came looking for us.  Maybe I'm the crazy one.  Whatever.  Crazy families make me laugh.

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