Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mama's Getting Her Spook On

It's been such a crummy summer (weather wise)  that for the first time in my adult life I'm ready to say I'm ready for fall.  I used to fight fall tooth and nail til the bitter end.  I'm a winter hater. 

But, since I have not had my annual kids are in school and I don't want to work yet month long pool time  (I love a community pool with no kiddies all to my self!! bahahaha (that was my manic laugh)   because it has been muggy, cloudy, moist etc.   And unless you are into numerous bug bites pools without sun are no fun.  Ha I made a rhyme!

So, being Halloween is my favorite holiday I'm going to ramp it up early this year.   Yeah, I'm going for obnoxious Halloween overkill this year......

So get ready to hear about it for the next oh 6-8 weeks.  I might run this thing on into Thanksgiving....

Mama's ready to get her spook on.

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