Monday, September 9, 2013

Peace, Love & Kindness

Every week I try my best to start Monday's with a good attitude.  My goal is to be nice to all and perform random acts of kindness.  Seriously.  Don't be so shocked.  I do have a pleasant side.   I do!!   

But, after one of "those" weeks I found it extremely hard to find my goodness.  And when I talk about random acts of kindness I mean like letting cars merge in front of me without getting mad when they don't give the "hey thanks" gesture wave.  And genuinely smiling at all strangers without looking like a creeper. 

 I would love to do things like buy a stranger tires when I see his bald ones in a parking lot.........But ,actually I need new tires and I'm not rich.  

I'm hoping Tuesday is a better day.  I'll have to double up on my kindness.

This was more like my attitude today.  Not pretty.

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