Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Cold or a Zombie?

Friday I get the crud.   You know, the crud.  You don't know whether to call it a cold, sinus issues, flu etc.   It's the "I feel crummy and need a personal nurse" crud.

Tissues surround me.  My perfume of the week is Vicks Mentholatum rub.
Sleeping off and on all day and night.  Freezing then sweating.  Stuffed up nose which immediately starts running just to stuff up again.  Laying down. Getting up then just laying down again.  That's me.

I'm a horrible sick person.  I'm miserable. And I'm sure that I feel worse than anyone else could ever.  (kind of like a man...)

Add in some daytime no-drowsy useless med that wear off after 2 hours and I'm pretty sure I resemble a zombie.  A not showered, icky, hideous looking zombie.

The only good news about this is that I have completed every episode of "Orange Is The New Black"  and roughly the entire last season of "Breaking Bad"  and  countless episodes of "Sons of Anarchy".  And the last one was to check on Charlie Hunnams acting skills since he's going to step up and play Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey".   Hey,  he ain't too shabby in a motorcycle gang either......

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