Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Love

You know what I love about Saturdays??   Don't judge but I love having older kids now on Saturdays.  I had 3 boys under the age of 10. 2 of those darlings born 1 year apart.   Saturdays back then didn't feel like Saturdays.  At least not for me.   I stayed at home so every day was the same.  Day after day after day. There were no different days.  Diapers, sippy cups, tantrums didn't  stop just cause it was Saturday.  

But, now with older kids Saturdays take a whole new meaning.  Sleeping in?  Check. (of course it's with Ambien these days but who cares!)   No juggling time frames of 4 birthday parties every Saturday for kids you barely knew. Check.  (that's my favorite)  Walking out the door to go to lunch, gym, shopping without  involving loading small people into my car along with all their crap and gear.  Check.  In fact most times my teens don't even realize I'm gone.  

In fact, I can stay in my jammies all day.  Not because I didn't have time to shower cause I had little ones.   Because I can.   Big Difference.  Huge.

Take today, we have absolutely nothing on the agenda.  No one is dressed.  No one has plans.   Heaven.  The most pressing thing I might do today is download some Kindle books or if that's too strenuous maybe just re-arrange my ITunes library.     Think I'll take a nap to celebrate.

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