Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vacation Blues

Just got back from sunny Florida for Fall Break.   Back to the old Tennessee Valley just in time for some freakish cold snap.  WTF.  Cold weather is my nemesis.  Really.  Truly.   If it dips into the 50's (and let's be honest anything below mid 60's.)  stay away from me.  I am the whiniest bitch on the planet.  My electric throw (one of 3) is permanently plugged in the living room and I won't move until March/April. 

Even though my fam and I shared a small hotel room complete with 2 air mattresses. (NO ONE in my family will sleep with anyone)  for a week I would gladly become a snow bird and do it all winter to avoid the cold.

Yup, that's how serious I am about the cold.  

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