Thursday, November 15, 2012

Age Appropriate Guidelines

Stayed home with pink eye baby #3 today.   After a couple of hours of watching him play Black Ops 10 or kill everyone in sight as I like to call it.  I was about to pull the plug on the old PlayStation.   Seriously saw someone I know getting this game for their 7 year old.  7 year old.   C'mon people there are age guidelines for reasons.  I may be  a little liberal to some but c'mon even I follow age appropriate guidelines for movies and games.  Well, to an extent obviously.  I waited for a number of years of being heard I was the lamest Mom and everyone else had it.  Where in this case they really did.  I hung on until they were 13 & 14.  I figured if they watch CSI with me every week.....well.  I just caved.  But crap, I only let them play it for a couple of hours.   So to them I'm still the lamest Mom ever.  Good.  It means I'm doing this Mom thing right.

Anywhoo,  so I had a routine Dr. appt. today.  Nothing like finding out you have a fever and are sick.  Jeez,  I just thought I felt crummy because that's what we do when get older.  Feel crummy.   So back home I go with 4 prescriptions. ( I seriously need to get in good with my pharmacist or maybe give him some banana bread to defray my prescription costs... If he just didn't have that comb over.....) And a warning I'm contagious.   Swell.  Tonight was Bunco night. ( which as you all know I'm becoming quite the fan) So instead of drinking bad wine with my peeps and laughing til we pee,  I mean not pee, just leak, ugh not leak. never mind we just laugh.  I'm stuck at home playing with my Christmas crap and popping meds.   Hey,  actually it's pretty nice. All the pretty colors......  Probably shouldn't blog if I'm not supposed to drive heavy machinery.   Who does drive heavy machinery??  Nobody I know.  

And forgive me for all my Pinterest funnies. I just can't stop.  Who knew I would find crude humor so entertaining!    Bahahahahha

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