Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Love My Job

I should have been a nurse.  I truly wish that in my earlier years that is what I had chosen for my profession.   Instead of my current profession as professional college student, volunteer for too many organizations, flunky for my family, and current substitute teacher.    And I'm sure it would have paid a lot more!   Well, hindsight and all that.  My boys are rarely sick now so my nursing skills are getting rusty.  In fact, I've been told I am babying the dog way too much in place of sick children.   Now let me clarify,  I don't want to take care of other peoples sick children.  Just mine.    There's that strange line between other kids and mine.  Like when you have had to change some other child's diaper and start gagging and whatnot.  But, if it's your own you can change him while holding the phone talking to your Mom and sipping on a diet Coke.

Back on track.  Got a call from the school nurse today.  Baby boy #3 has pink eye.  I am so good at this I was out the door with a hoodie and ballcap on (was in jammies) in the car and at the school in 3.5 minutes.  Yes.  I time myself.   Tires squealing pull up to the school, run to the nurse's office, assessed the situation and had #3 in car while calling Drs. office on the way.   And yes I know it was just pink eye.  But, c'mon I needed the thrill.  All my boys have had it but I don't feel better until we have those special drops in hand.

Once back home, I had the "special sick pallet" made up on the couch.  The Spongebob Squarepants special lap tray loaded with saltines and soda (complete with straw)  Baby boy #3 just looked at me like I was a moron but smartly didn't say a word.  Must have been the hot new game I rented for him at Red Box while waiting on script. Dr. says he has to  stay home tomorrow so I'm already planning the menu. Chicken soup with stars, goldfish and sprite.   Ok, so he's not that kind of sick  but I sure do love my job :)

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