Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweet Sounds of Holidays

So everyone knows Halloween is my fav holiday.    Now boom!  We are in Thanksgiving mode and this year I am sooooo not into that.   I usually do the bales of (I learned the difference between straw and hay on a technically "straw" ride this fall for kiddies from Farmer Ted (not his real name) .    Moving on.  No cute bales of straw with mums spilling out all over them.   I put up one scarecrow I named Pat (see SNL)  and a fall wreath, oh and the leftover Halloween pumpkin I forgot to carve. 

I'm not going through the expense and time putting up fall or autumn (for our northern friends) decor for basically 2 weeks.   And yes, that is when Christmas starts coming to my house.   I go do the Black Friday shoppingpalooza the night of Thanksgiving  then meet the hubs for holiday cocktails for lunch then pick up the boyos to get our tree.  Then I will commence to pass out by 4pm. (due to the all night shopping, not the drinking......snicker)

In fact, my boys and hubs actually pulled all my holiday bins into the garage from storage.  Early.  I was impressed.  Usually there are threats involved to get my holiday crap out.  So, yesterday I was thinking that hmmmmm I got some clearance stuff after Christmas last year.  But, I can't remember what I got.   It's like a present to me!!   I started with just one bin.   No new stuff in there but, hey since the nutcracker goes there and this garland goes over fireplace I just started putting everything where it went.  By the time hubs got home I had 1/4 of Christmas crap hung,out,displayed.....Yikes.  He's kinda funny about me putting anything out before Thanksgiving.  In fact, I think his exact words were "What the *&^%$#*.
Ahhh, the sweet sounds of holidays :)


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