Saturday, November 10, 2012

Epic Naps

Our Saturdays used to be filled to the brim with sports practices/games, birthday parties, friends, driving and more driving, etc...   But, somehow that has tapered off since the boys have gotten older. 

 It was with great relish that I found my self with nothing to do today.  On a Saturday.  Nothing.  Nada. Zilch.    Well, a fund raiser thingie tonight but still the whole day free!  I started with dropping off the recyclables. (overdue by weeks, ugh)  a Saturday morning yoga class that I have been wanting to take like forever.    Brutal.  But rewarding.   Then I came home and took what I would consider an epic nap.   Curled up for a little cat nap and it turns into deep coma sleep.  The kind where you try so hard to wake up and can't. The kind where you don't drool just a little.  Your whole face and pillow are wet.  And finally when you do wake up you have to focus on the clock because you have no idea if it is the middle of the night now or even the next day.   I got up wondering if the world had stopped.  Surely someone would have checked on me if I had been asleep for 2 days.  I go find the boys.  Their still in undies playing games.   Whew.  Will have to definitely do this again.

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