Saturday, November 3, 2012

Christmas Crap

So I must have been feeling salty yesterday.   The term Christmas crap may have been a little harsh and hasty.   I believe in the meaning of Christmas but not all of the "have to" stuff that goes with it.   The kids that have to  have the new IPad Mini, IPhone10, etc.   My kids not excluded.   I was out shopping with the precious angels today.  Yup, my boys wanted to go.  After 2 hours of fighting the crowds at the mall and realizing Momma wasn't going to buy them something the fun wore off.   I actually thought it was a good idea so I could get ideas on things they might want for Christmas.  Nobody pointed out socks or pajamas.  What was I thinking.   But, at one place I found myself alone in the Christmas section with soft carols  (not the Justin Bieber version I was forced to listen to in one store.  I wanted to poke my eye out)    But the sweet choir type versions.  The decorations were sparkly and very little was red and green.  I actually got rather mushy and wanted to go straight home and start putting decorations up.   

Now I take back my Christmas crap comment and upgraded it to Christmas maybe.  :)

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