Saturday, February 1, 2014

Winter Games 2014 Southern Style

2 years ago for Christmas I bought my boys cool sleds, snow pants, boots, hats, glove etc.   Because the year before that we had what was considered around here an epic snow event of  several inches!  Whoop! That's big league stuff around here.  So  I wanted them to be prepared for the next one. Especially since they had given me grief about putting plastic baggies on their feet the last time and having them  wearing my fake Uggs and using a laundry basket for a sled.  Ghetto style snow play for southerners at it's finest.   

Cue to Wednesday of this week.  After the chaotic day of Tuesday getting everyone home we actually cut off the tags on all of our "new" snow gear. Have not needed it in all this time :(

We had our own version of The Winter Games 2014   Driveway bobsledding.

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