Saturday, February 1, 2014

Southern Snow Rant

I finally got my car up my driveway yesterday.  Whoo Hoo!   Seriously, it was big time stuff.   Who knew and inch or so of snow could wreak such havoc.

But havoc it did.  car accidents, people walking home, kids stuck at school.  All when a freaky little snow blew in Tuesday morning.   We knew it was coming but didn't sound like a big deal.  We have a little snow on occasion and the worst it warrants is a mad dash to the grocery to get milk and bread before it melts....  But this was was the slipperiest snow I have ever driven in!! (actually slid down a hill in)  Crazy.

I do have to gripe about one thing (no surprise huh?)    We all joke about other parts of the country right?? You know if you live in the south you joke about the north.  If you live on the west coast you talk smack about the east coast etc....It's the American way.  Most of it just good natured joking.

But in this case I was so mutha *@#$ing  irritated and appalled listening to some ( I said SOME not all)  northerners completely bashing us on how we couldn't handle "a little snow".   Over and over and over...

No maybe we can't handle a little snow because we don't get it very often.   We can get prepared as best as possible. If you don't have it all the time it's kind of hard to get used to it.   But, when it hits suddenly and creates slippery conditions on every surface within an hour (yes, an hour in this case) and our kids are stuck at school because the buses are sliding off the road to get them.  Teen drivers have already been dismissed (and aren't the best drivers in the best weather conditions) and are calling crying because they don't know what to do and how to get home.   Parents are leaving work to get the ones left at school and are not even making it out of their neighborhoods without sliding down hills into another pile of cars doing the same thing. 

 And for the record it was the conditions of the roads and not so much the drivers at fault.  

And to me that was scary.  And inclement weather normally doesn't scare me.

Kids should never  worry if their going to get picked up from school or not. No one should worry about their loved ones being stuck in cars for hours.   No one should see dozens and dozens of people walking miles in the dark just to get home from where their cars were stranded. With the wind chill being 0-10 degrees I might add. I heard and saw all of this in a 3 mile radius from my home.  This happened all around our area with Atlanta getting hit hard as well.

So to all of the people who thought our "little snow"  was so amusing... Back it up and be nice.  

 You don't like our heat and sweet tea but it certainly won't prevent you from getting to the people you care about does it??

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