Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bad Attitude Mom or Suck It Navy

2013 has not been my favorite year.  Usually I laugh and laugh my way through years past ignoring or fixing the unpleasant but not this year.  I can't honestly say that anything bad or tragic has occurred.  Just that I haven't been a fan of this year.

Maybe it's because my husband has been working like 400 hours a week.  ALL YEAR to the point people have no idea who he is when we stand together.

Maybe it's because my teenage boys are getting busier (which is expected) and sitting around with Mom watching Sponge Bob has disappeared overnight. And I find myself all alone and bored.

Maybe because I'm tired and sad about Baby Boy#1 in the Navy not being home again for the holidays or any day.  And knowing I won't see him until August and I haven't seen him since last January.   I'm not feeling very patriotic right now so I'm sending a Christmas Card addressed to The Navy.  Inside I'm writing SUCK IT NAVY.    From Mom.  

Usually I am the proverbial cup is half full.  The female version of Clark Griswald.  The Queen Mother of practical jokes.  The laughing with my boys til milk squirts out someones nose.  

Maybe it's time to start Prozac and day drinking.   Cause this is one Mom who needs an attitude adjustment.

Here's hoping that my laughter will be back in full swing for 2014

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