Friday, March 8, 2013

My Neighbor Fred

Golly,  I am lagging behind in the blog department huh?  Can't believe it's already Friday.  You know how you have funny things that come to you or you see during the week and you aren't near your computer or you are just too ditzy to remember them?   That's me this week.  I laughed at some funny things this week but seriously can't remember most of them.   I thought I must be getting Alzheimer's.   So, I did one of those online quizzes to check.  Nope, I'm just a dumb ass.  Super.

So, It's Friday and I get all cozy in my home office with the 2nd purchased printer of the week.  I have no idea why the wireless part quit working on my old one.  So, bought a new one.  Didn't work.  Bought another one.  Now I'm waiting......  When did software become firmware?? 

While I'm waiting my neighbor Fred (seriously his name)  cranks up his motorcycle which sounds like it's right next to my head. Leaves it running oh, about 45 effing minutes then drives down to the cul-d-sac and comes back. WTF.   Give it up Fred.  Your not going anywhere on that thing.  You never have and you never will.  Now I have a headache.

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