Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Wabbit Season

In my haste for Spring I have forgotten a few things that come along with my love of Spring.  

The high pitched squeal/scream of a baby bunny by my bed clutched in my cat's mouth. (yesterday)  And let me tell you it is an unearthly sound at 5 am.   Good news is I saved it (the bunny) by getting it from the cat with an umbrella (as often as this happens to me you would think I would have a baby bunny, chipmunk, squirrel etc. rescue kit handy....)

I stood outside this morning and took a deep breath of sunshiny air.  And immediately started sneezing.  Again, am I challenged???   I've lived here long enough to know never ever ever open the door without taking a Zyrtec upon wakening.

And last, to quit forgetting I don't have a maid and I have to clean the inside before I can go play outside.  I effing hate this rule.  Inside is boring.  cleaning kitchen is boring.  Laundry is super boring.   Mowing and weed eating, planting and mulching are fun!

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  1. Wow. I just realized I have never heard a bunny or rabbit make a sound. Awful cute image of a cat and a baby bunny together... well, if the cat was playing nice :)

    Happy sunshine!


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