Monday, March 18, 2013

Empty Nester

I have felt like one of those empty nester parents lately.  Archie took sweet middle child to visit family up north.   Up north.  I don't go with them because it's up north.  As in, colder than here (which was 75 this weekend booyah!)  as in, Children of The Corn type area.  As in, St. Patty's Day being treated like a National Holiday with everyone acting the fool.  

While I (the good,mean,fun-sucking parent) stayed home and finished a DUE BY MONDAY (didja get that part??)  school project with darling youngest child.  I mean, we started at 3:00 on Friday and finished last night kind of project.  Shoot me.   There went my crazy wild (ok, yard work with some shopping thrown in) weekend.   

Archie and middle child will get home on Tuesday and youngest project child will jaunt off to Washington DC for school (I'm sure due to my fabulous grade I"M getting on the mutha f****** project)   With oldest man child in Guam I'll  basically have 1 child home for next week or so.   

It's much more fun to embarrass two or three at once.  Dancing around pantless singing won't be the same this week.   Luring them to Target to look at "games" but instead buying Mom underwear is one of my favorite things to do.  Can't believe they fall for it time and time again. Or how about when they ask for dinner and I reply "Dinner?? Am I still responsible for that??   bahahahah   Their looks are priceless.  

Archie won't know what's coming this week. Looks like my pranks will be all on him this week.   ;)   And trust me, I have some dandy's lined up after my project weekend from hell.    Details to follow.

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