Monday, February 25, 2013

Get A Massage Why Don't Ya

After my crappy performance the other day in yoga I took a different route this week.  Went to the Y.  And no I didn't take the geriatric swim aerobics.  Even though after watching them I think they could kick my butt.

Anyhoo, after that I rewarded myself with a massage.  No, not a do it yourself massage or even a cheesy mall massage.  The good kind.  In a spa. With tinkling water and soothing music.  (I did pee before though so I wouldn't hear all that water and have to go like last time)  

Dear merciful goddess.   Why don't I do this every freaking week???  Then I probably wouldn't care so much about losing a few lbs.  Seriously, I think I drooled.  I tried my best not to moan like a cow giving birth.   This gal was so amazing that I realized my toes were stretching apart like Aquaman.  

My hour went by like seconds.  When she was done I had to restrain myself from asking if I could pay extra and stay the night in that room under the heated blanket.   I had dinner and homework facing me.  Boys with questions that I don't know the answers to. ( I am the queen of googling homework questions behind their backs and pretending I know the answers) A dining room table with at least 2 loads of laundry waitng to be put up.  Nooooooo, please don't make me leave.

But, leave I did.  I'll be back.  And no way in hell am I waiting so long to do it again.

This was me.  Only without the flower.  And I'm blonde.  And my back and arms aren't that skinny.  Or flawless.  Or tan.  But, yeah that's me.


  1. Lol moan like a cow giving birth! I love massages, and also always ask myself Why don't I do this more? Then I look at my bank statement and I remember why. Pop over to my blog and see the award I nominated you for :)


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